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10 Heads Festival

It’s time to bid adieu to sultry summers and usher in the pleasant winters. Like everyone else that means finally stepping out of the confines of the home to partake in some family activities. This festive season however, apart from the regular festival celebrations there’s a new offering aptly nicknamed “the big daddy of festivals” that is the 10 heads festivals which is a venture of Trifecta Entertainment Pvt ltd. It’s a unique experience suited for every member of the family with diverse activities to choose from and lends a new meaning to family outings. It’s being held at the Dhanchiri Campaign resort on NH8

10 Heads = 10 festivals = 10 handpicked curators creating 10 extraordinary elements = 1 unique experience

It comprises of 10 festivals which exhibit 10 different areas of interest from fashion, music, shopping, arts, technology & ofcourse- Food!
The music festival “Band Baja Bass” will feature the English musical alternative hip hop & trip hop group’s Daddy G (Grant Marshall). The Indian performers for the festival include the enigmatic Lucky Ali, Indian Ocean and several others.

For those wishing an indulgent gastronomic trip there’s “Foodistaan”. This will exhibit culinary practices of over 30 varieties from various parts of the country. There’s street food, gourmet, wellness bazaars, farmer’s market, spice fair, the festival will be every gastronome’s delight. It’s been curated by award winning chef Sabyasachi Gorai and also features many other celebrated names from the Indian culinary & hospitality industry. Among numerous pop ups- Ibiza’s bar barlovento, Berlin’s Flux Bau, 23 Grosvenor gardens, Atlantic Bar & Restaurant, London’s Maverick pizzas are names to look out for.

India’s leading illusionist Karan Singh curates a special festival which is also India’s 1st of magic & illusion. So prepare yourself to be bewildered by illusionists, mind readers, & street magicians.

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