Monday, May 2, 2022

The never ending pandemic!


Much has been written on this topic as the world saw a threat to its very existence with the emergence of the Wuhan virus. What started as a killer virus from bats in the Wuhan market has grown into a global pandemic. It all started in December 2019 in China and eventually spread to all parts so the globe including even remote islands in the Pacific ocean.


It did come at a time when the world is at its technological peak and the medical fraternity has progressed to such a level where it helped people with myriad medical conditions and prolonged their longevity an life span; of course with a bunch of medicines none the less. It was no wonder that vaccinations were formulated within months of the outbreak and found to have a certain level of efficacy in treating people from sheer death that came with the dreaded Delta variant.


Children have borne the brunt of it all since March 2020 when the world was hit with the first wave. They were holed up within the confines of their homes and attended school through online virtual mediums. Forget about them playing in the parks or meeting friends over for birthday celebrations. These little people have since well coped  and adopted to this "home" life. Sad but true; they have missed out on a couple of their crucial growing up years by being imprisoned within the confines of their homes.


The pandemic left a huge vacuum in economies and hit many countries to almost near bankruptcy like conditions. Some countries have emerged again while others are still recovering from the shock wave. There are certain statistics that say countries lost over 3% of their GDP in 2020 alone. In 2021, the figure anticipated is approximately 5.7% of the global GDP. In terms of monetary values, this stands to almost USD 77 billion. (source:


The World Bank says, "Global growth is expected to accelerate to 5.6% this year, largely on the strength in major economies such as the United States and China. And while growth for almost every region of the world has been revised upward for 2021, many continue to grapple with COVID-19 and what is likely to be its long shadow. Despite this year’s pickup, the level of global GDP in 2021 is expected to be 3.2% below pre-pandemic projections, and per capita GDP among many emerging market and developing economies is anticipated to remain below pre-COVID-19 peaks for an extended period. As the pandemic continues to flare, it will shape the path of global economic activity."


We can well imagine the number of jobs that were lost starting from January 2020. From 2019 to 2020, the number of unemployed people worldwide increased from 187 million to 220 million, the biggest annual increase in unemployment in witnessed within this time period. In 2021, the number of people unemployed increased slightly to 220.5 million. (source:


Mental health is another major issue that has affected the globe along with this pandemic. It has taken a toll on people globally. This is natural since no one alive today on earth has ever seen a pandemic of such catastrophic proportions till date since the Spanish flu hit the world in 1918 and lasted until 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has so far taken the lives of  almost 5.5 million people while the count is expected to grow further with several more waves expected to hit before the virus finally dies its own death. Good thing to remember is that nothing is permanent and neither this virus!


The world needs to provide cathartic solace to itself. Some people are defiant while some are scared. Some have gone jobless while millions quit their jobs themselves. Some survived while some could not make it. A fervent prayer that we tide over this once and for all in 2022 and expect to have our normal lives back again. Stay safe folks!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Effect of Saturn Transit 2022 on Zodiac signs

 With Saturn transiting to Aquarius from tomorrow, expect several changes to occur till July 12th 2022. This is a general indication but to know the actual effect on an individual one needs to see the chart in totality .

The effect of this transit on various rising sign/Ascendant is as follows:

Aries- Saturn will be in the 11th house of gains and social network which is a natural and auspicious position for the planet . Promotion in career is on the horizon along with financial gain. It’s the time to go out , meet people and expand your network. Health of children may cause a bit of stress though.

Taurus - With Saturn in the10th house , one can expect better opportunities at work and maybe even a raise . Father may disagree with your point of view and his health will require extra attention. Minor disputes with spouse too which can be avoided by developing patience .

Gemini- Expect a good stroke of luck and a renewed faith in the almighty. Professionally you will prosper but that may also give a sense of false bravado and it’ll be good to stay mum on most occasions . With growth in your career, also watch for your own health and the rising number of critics.

Cancer -Health problems will mar you for the next 3 months . Refrain from starting new ventures or investing in them . Instead focus on meditation or volunteering activities to tide through this difficult period.

Leo - This will be a period of self contemplation and realigning your goals . On the work front things will progress very slowly. If self employed with a partner then  minor disputes may occur. Your spouse/partner also will cause discord. Unexplained expenses will lead to more stress.

Virgo - A challenging period awaits you healthwise as well as increased expenditure on medical tests .Simplest of tasks will be riddled with obstacles leading to loss of sleep.

Libra - Lucrative period in terms of earning and rise in social status.Some relationships that were a cause of strife will now turn into loving ones .

Scorpio- Increased workload will leave you with less time for family and self. The house may undergo renovation and a new car may materialize. Watch out for tiffs with mother and her health.

Sagittarius -Think before you speak and control the urge to take new risks . it's sensible to lie low. A great period for introspection and spiritual discovery. New avenues may open at work.

Capricorn - Great period for financial gains which will also be spent unwisely  If you've been eyeing real estate or an investment fund then this is the time to go for it. Watch out for your health.

Aquarius - A period of emotional turmoil but if you are patient enough then good times are around the corner .Expect a lot of support form loved ones and also a romantic getaway .On professional front, the workload will increase.

Pisces -

You may feel isolated and stifled . The next 3 months may bring in overseas clients or opportunities. Keep an eye on increased expenditure on legal and medical aspects . it's a good time to meditate and volunteer to combat stress and despondency .

Saturday, July 18, 2020

10 Ayurvedic hacks to beat Coronavirus

Human body is smarter than it is credited for , It naturally recognises and acts against the intrusion of foreign bodies and this defense mechanism is called immunity. Ayurveda works on the concept of “swathasya swasthya rakshanam “ which means to guard one’s  health and this can be achieved with fruits, vegetables and herbs available in the kitchen instead of popping pills. With Covid 19 there’s enhanced awareness on the therapeutic properties of traditional treatments and herbs.Some of these can easily be incorporated in everyday diet and will help keep Coronavirus  at bay;

1.Turmeric  Bursting with Curcumin which has strong anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties ,this magical spice used in everyday cooking fights even drug resistant strains of flu antioxidant and thus prevent infections . 
Mix it in warm milk and drink everyday just like old times to stay healthy .

2.Ginger  -  A diet rich in ginger improves the body’s resistance to fight illnesses due to the presence of its active constituent- Gingerol. In its fresh form, this herb has been proven to prevent the generation of free radicals and protect the body .
Ginger can either be taken in raw form with honey or used in Tea, Soups or Curries.

3.Honey This  golden liquid prevents the proliferation of virus in cells by activating the immune system and thus arrests its spread. Replace honey with sugar means lesser calories as well adding vitamins B2, B4,B5, B6 ,B11 and minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium etc.
Start the day  with a spoonful of honey  in a warm glass of water which works both on immunity as well off to ward off the extra weight.

4.Pippali - it is part of a  very important ayurvedic formulation called trikatu. With its ability to balance kapha and vata , this herb rejuvenates lungs and works on upper respiratory infections as well as digestive disorders . Pippali also helps in stress management .
                     Make a concoction with 1/8tsp pippali, 1/4th tsp  ginger & 1/4tsp turmeric in ¼ th cup warm water along with 1 tsp honey.

5.Shatavari This rejuvenating herb has been extensively researched and proven to increase antibodies and improve overall health. Clinical tests have also  proven its immunoadjuvant properties  
             Mix 1/4th- ½ tsp Shatavari Churna  with warm milk and honey and consume after meals 

6. Garlic: in raw from contains Allicin which has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties. Turns out this everyday herb does not just ward off vampires but also Corona symptoms. However heat can inactivate sulphur enzymes and render garlic’s immunity boosting properties useless , hence it’s best consumed in its raw form.
Chew 2-4 cloves daily on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.

7.Tulsi this holy plant has been used to boost immunity from times immemorial . Two water soluble flavonoid oxidants namely orientin and vicineninare are what help in protecting cells and strengthen immune system .
                    The leaves can be incorporated in tea or  be chewed on their own .

8.Amla is the star ingredient in Chyawanprash which is the most effective rejuvenating ayurvedic formulation. It works on balancing all three doshas -Vata , pitta , Kapha while strengthening the tracheo bronchial tree  .This fruit contains 20 times more vitamin C than oranges and is the best natural resource of vitamin c , polyphenols, flavonoids which help fight infection

Use either in the form of chyawanprash with warm milk , or amla murabba .

9.Giloy- owns the reputation of Sanjeevani due to its immunity boosting ability. A favourite herb of physicians for treating various illnesses, Giloy is packed with antioxidants which help in fighting free radicals.
Giloy juice can be mixed in warm water and consumed on an empty stomach. The recommended dose is 15-30 ml.

10.Ashvagandha  or Indian Ginseng  is widely recognized for boosting the body’s immune system as it is rich in biologically active substances like amino acids, peptides, lipids, and the bases of nucleic acids. It also helps reduce blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the stress hormone. 
Mix ½ tsp Ashwagandha powder with !/2 cup cup water and consume 1 hour before meals twice a day. 

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Be Victorious with Dr. Aarti Dahiya

Dr. Aarti Dahiya is a renowned astrologer, numerologist and a vaastu expert from Delhi, India. She is also a well-known motivational speaker, relationship counsellor and she regularly conducts workshops to enhance the quality of life and relationships. 
Her knack for diagnosing and solving marital, health, career issues have earned her a huge follower base and a formidable reputation. Despite being a masters in literature , she was passionate about astrology and completed her doctorate in astrology and has also been bestowed with the Arya Bhatta Astronomy award.
Her need to digress into astrology arose from a genuine wish to help the needy when she met a victim of domestic illness several years ago.She told her that she met many divine counsellors regarding the same issue but at the end she hasn’t received any positive change in her life and she had paid a good amount of money to that person. That incident  inspired her to be an astrologer to bring the happiness in others life who are suffering from many problems be it marriage, relationship, business, or childbirth, stubborn kids, career, education, family harmony,Health issues, any unwanted energy, upliftment in all the areas and many more. She has formed herself as the guide to bring the delight and happiness in others life. Niyati by Aarti is the invention by Dr. Aarti Dahiya in Delhi. After being committed to astrology more than 11 years and worked on different levels of issues, it’s has turned into her core responsibility to change the dimensions of your life with her best knowledge of astrology.
Astrology is an engrossing science whereas the astrologer works as a guide in your dark circumstances of life. Dr.Aarti Dahiya is skilled in Astrology, Tarot cards, Spirituality, Numerology, Meditation, Vaastu. 
As per Dr.Aarti Dahiya “Astrology is a science, which needs to be studied and learned right from the core. Unless you are dedicated enough, this objective is not meant for you. But, once you have come up to us, you are in safe hands”.
Her repertoire has also won over people abroad and several international clients consult her regularly. She is expert into Indian astrology vedic ,lal kitab ,vastu ,predictive astrology, Indian tarot, chakras healing ,third eye healing ,reiki healing ,Ramal astrology ,Yantra’s expertise ,Krishna murti paddhati and in western astrology she has grown her astrological career in crystal healing ,psychic healing ,runes prediction,aura healing ,numerology,candle healing ,R.W Tarot cards,Osho Zen Cards, Relationship counselor ,Numerology ,Stoicism ,Dowsing,

Fly like free bird when Dr.Aarti Dahiya is there to allocate you to fly

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Staycation at WelcomHotel Dwarka

The dip in mercury lent a mini vacation to kiddos from school and we decided to live it up with a staycation at WelcomHotel Dwarka. Having explored all options in Millenium city this one felt right since it’s  pretty much on the border and just a 40 minutes drive away. All we wanted was to chill in our room since we didn’t know what was in store. 
We arrived into a lounge shimmering with mirrored pillars, several luminous Christmas trees, red poinsettias adding gaiety and a little more Christmas flavour, we knew we had made the right choice. For fitness freaks like me , they have a well equipped gym along with a swimming pool. Our spacious room overlooked this pool and also accorded views of the city.

Spacious and comfortable is how I would describe my room and was perfect for the 3 of us with every amenity needed for a stay. The couch in front of the TV was mostly utilised by my kiddos while I crashed on the bed before checking out the rest of the property.

Lehengas and Sherwanis around me spoke of how this hotel is a favoured wedding venue and its three banquet halls definitely facilitate that. With New year’s  eve around the corner, their Pan Asian restaurant Shanghai Club is hosting several themed nights and it was the masquerade night . However since its an ITC property, I wanted to indulge in Dal Bukhara and Dum Pukht Biryani and the restaurant of choice naturally was Kebabs and Kurries. At K&K as its otherwise called , the menu encompasses iconic dishes from ITC viz Dal Bukhara and Dum Pukht Biryani along with several kebabs that deserve a mention on their own. Live sufi music and zillions of candles lend an old world regal charm .While the Dum ke Bhoole set me in the mood, the Dal Bukhara sent me into rapturous ecstasy. Don’t miss the Shaan-e-aam for mango lovers like moi, it’s a decadent concoction that lingers on the palette for a really long time.

Day 2 was express relaxation with only a few hours to spare and I chose that to luxuriate in a therapeutic spa session.If ITC hotels  were synonymous with food and hospitality , then their spa experience will change your perception . Refreshed and rejuvenated after my signature welcome treatment , I made way for the Sunday brunch.More live music and a huge gastronomic feast awaited us. From Chaat, Pasta , to Biryanis and dessert while listening to the song of your choice ,this is a great family indulgence.

Any good experience is only possible courtesy good service staff. From the front desk, spa therapist to the  staff at restaurants, this is where WelcomHotel Dwarka shines . Their smiling, informed servers ensure a guest leaves only to come back for another amazing experience .

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Exploring Rishikesh with Panmabi Resort & Spa

Rishikesh for me has always been synonymous with Ram Jhula, Lakshman jhula, Meditation and Arti at Ganga. This perception was altered on a recent trip to the holy city to a more unexplored part of the town. Taking a break from my usual haunts , I chose Panambi Resort & Spa nestled in Rajaji National Park for my stay. Away from the orange robed mendicants, hippies in floral attires, cymbals and temple bells- Panambi was surrounded by a gigantic green cover in a  sleepy small village steeped in tranquility.

After a smooth check in we were ushered into our rooms. My room was huge with a patio to boot just perfect for a sunny morning cuppa. Tastefully done in gold and brown , it was spacious enough for a family of 4.  A children’s playground on the hotel ground keeps young kids busy and safe too. The location is idyllic for families who want to relax in the midst of nature , breath fresh air and explore untouched white sand banks of Ganges . If that isn’t all, there are also white felines in the neighbourhood who can be spotted on a safari. This was  a revelation. The resort arranges excursions for its guests and we went to two of them. 
The evening we landed we chose a village excursion where we witnessed Ganga Arti performed by children from an orphanage. The mere simplicity of the process touches your soul. Away from madding crowd, this was a new side of Rishikesh that I had not experienced before.

After witnessing a spiritual sunset against the sound of cymbals and chanting , it was time to return to the resort. On a cold winter night , Karaoke around a bonfire sounded like a great idea to spend our evening and that’s exactly what we did before retiring for the night.

  Our next morning was dedicated to spotting Tigers and Cheetahs and we booked a safari through Panambi. While it was too cold to spot any feline beauty , we did come across some jackals, vibrant hued birds and deers. A temple atop a hill seemed inviting and we took this short trek which apart from its divine blessings also blessed us with breathtaking views of the jungle.

Happy and hungry we came back to our rooms for a sumptuous breakfast. One of the features of this resort was that they make the guests feel at home and very comfortable which even reflects in their meals.Be nice and ask for something out of the set menu and if possible the staff will try to fulfil your wishes. Our mealtimes were always exciting as we tried various cuisines everyday and even some of the local delicacies .

The next time you plan a visit to Rishikesh , think national park, Safari and a wholesome family holiday for which Panambi Resort & Spa is the perfect base .

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

6 Beautiful Places in Lonavala That Makes Your Monsoon Sojourn More Rewarding Than Ever

I was once warned by some fellow travellers not to visit Lonavala during the monsoon season. But, for the romantic at heart like me, it is never too tiring to get soaked in the rain. Who does not want to smell the freshness of the moistened soil? If you love rain, then a visit to Lonavala during the monsoon should have a room in your bucket list. It just takes a few days to leave from your office to escape the madness of daily life. And it takes just a few hours to pack a few essential things, and some comfortable clothes to head for a cherishing holiday.
On Reaching Lonavala
You can reach Lonavala in different ways. However, I chose to travel by train. It is cheap, fast, and it gives me the incentive of losing myself to the beauty of the nature that remains strewn here and there. Presently, there are 25 trains that ply from Mumbai to Lonavala. This once again allows you to choose from a number of trains. Also, there are some trains that ply from Pune to reach Lonavala. In either way, you can reach here in a couple of hours. I spent my extended weekend there last year. I had one of the most rewarding times in my life, amidst the greenery, and the lashing rains. 
Here’s a reference of some of the most breathtaking lakes and water bodies to visit in Lonavala during monsoon
Image result for bhushi dam

  1. Bhushi Dam In case it rains excessively, the government might decide to close the Bhusi dam for tourists. But I had the fortune to enjoy the splashing water, and dance in the rain as if no one is watching. It is a treat to see elderly couples reminiscing their youthful days by holding hands, while children are having their happy times. You cannot swim here. Yet, the Bhusi dam has a lot to offer to nature lovers, photo fanatics like me, as well as for fun-seekers. It takes no entry fee to get in. The dam remains open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the tourists. 
Image result for pawna lake

2. Pawna Dam-This is another popular weekend gateway and one of the best-known places to visit in Lonavala during the rainy season. Honestly enough, I had an impromptu visit to this hidden gem while returning to Pune via Pawana-Kamshet. Fortunately, or unfortunate enough, it is a relatively less frequented place. So if you are seriously looking for some I-me-myself time, Pawna is here to cater to your desire. The road that leads to the dam seems to be adorned with nature’s bounty. The place itself is encircled by the forests of Visapur, Lohagad, and Tikona. You actually don’t need to have a plan while staying here. Just stroll, boat, and hike near the valleys. And if you are tad adventurous, then you can go for jet skiing or parasailing. 

 Image result for tungarli lake
3.Tungarli Lake
If you expect more than undisturbed tranquility and scenic views, then Tungrali place might not be the best choice for you. It is more prevalent among backpackers and amateur trekkers. The lake is situated on the top of a hillock, which means you will have to walk and climb a little to get there. The serene background has made a place a favourite among photographers and couples. I could see a couple having their pre-wedding photo-shoot done there. Quite romantic! And there is one more thing! With the exception of a few corn-on-the-cob stalls, there is hardly any eatery nearby. So make sure that you pack some dry foods. And do keep the place litter-free.

Now Moving On To The Best Hiking Places In Lonavala:
Image result for tiger's leapTiger’s Leap
Amazing cloudy weather, drizzles, and incredible cliff top view; that was, in short, Tiger’s Leap for me. The cliff gets its name owing to its resemblance to a tiger jumping from a rock. I recommend it as a nice place to spend a few hours and have a family picnic or camping.  The majestic view of the Ghats and the rain-drenched lush vegetation is bound to usher a very positive vibe in your soul. I also took some time to walk around and explore the viewpoint from different angles. However, the weekends can be pretty crowded here. Also, nearby restaurants and cafes are not really cheap.  You can take a car to reach there. The road is curvy and can get slippery during monsoon. Hence, DRIVE SAFELY.
Image result for lion's point

Lion’s Point
This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in Lonavala during the rainy season. Whether you are a nature lover, or a trekking enthusiast, of a photographer, Lion’s Point has something to offer you. I was welcomed at the place with the high-speed wind, coupled with candy-tuft clouds. But the weather improved after a few hours. However, I would remember the place more for being my first ever night trekking spot. I had a gala time riding camels, enjoying the mesmerizing sunset, and enjoying the spectacular view. The hot bhajis and tea made for the bonuses. 
Lonavala also has something to offer to the history lovers.


Image result for rajmachi fort
Rajmachi Fort
The otherwise rustic Rajmachi dons a lush emerald coat during the monsoons. Bikers fail to resist the temptation to breathe in the spectacular view of the Western Ghats from here. Originated during the time of the Satavahana dynasty, it witnesses the struggles of Shivaji Maharaja and Aurangzeb. The British captured the fort after the downfall of the Marathas in 1818. Historically, the fort had a strategic location in between Khandala and Khopoli). It would control the activities of BorGhat, a historical trade route.
Image result for tikona fort
Tikona Fort
This hill fortress prides itself of heritage temples, large doorway, water tanks, stone wheels, and many more. For the nature lover, the ecstatic greenery and fresh air make for the right reason to visit here. Do not forget to munch some samosas, moongpakoras, and vadapao, and sip a cup of tea while the raindrops splatter here. 

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