House Of Ming Travels to Gurugram

The House of Ming travels to Millenium city and this one was too tempting to be missed . Back from my long break , I looked forward to an afternoon of spicy , crispy oriental fare and of course being pampered by 2 seasoned chefs with a curated menu.Hosting this iconic brand in Gurgaon is the Thai Pavilion at Taj City Centre Gurgaon. With its wooden, simple  and utilitarian interiors one can actually relax and concentrate on what's on the plate  which was exactly why I was here.

In stark contrast to  the  earthy decor in appearance was the 1st starter of the afternoon - fiery red Crispy lotus stems which with its sweet and spicy flavours that prepped our palate for what was to follow. Broccoli and Pinenut wrapped in a thin delicate covering appeared next  with skin so thin one could actually see what was inside and this is a testament to the chef's skill. Steamed Sui Mai followed -pretty green beauties bursting  with veggie goodness . However the star of the show were battered Water Chestnuts tossed in garlic pepper that teased , tantalized and left us all wanting for more

I like my life simple and too many options confuse me. Hence main course was a small affair but not without  another surprise. Only at House of ming do they treat the humble eggplant so well that it outshines fancy silken Tofu . Vegetarian diners have to try the Sichuan delicacy Eggplant Yu Xian thumping with chilli and garlic thrilling every nerve of my palate.

Banana and icecream has always been a winning combination and when the fleshy fruit is wrapped in batter and dunked in caramel  , it takes its oomph factor several notches higher and was the perfect way to end a scrumptious meal.

Wok tosses water chestnut with garlic pepper 
Eggplant YuXian sauce


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