10 Ayurvedic hacks to beat Coronavirus

Human body is smarter than it is credited for , It naturally recognises and acts against the intrusion of foreign bodies and this defense mechanism is called immunity. Ayurveda works on the concept of “swathasya swasthya rakshanam “ which means to guard one’s  health and this can be achieved with fruits, vegetables and herbs available in the kitchen instead of popping pills. With Covid 19 there’s enhanced awareness on the therapeutic properties of traditional treatments and herbs.Some of these can easily be incorporated in everyday diet and will help keep Coronavirus  at bay;

1.Turmeric  Bursting with Curcumin which has strong anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties ,this magical spice used in everyday cooking fights even drug resistant strains of flu antioxidant and thus prevent infections . 
Mix it in warm milk and drink everyday just like old times to stay healthy .

2.Ginger  -  A diet rich in ginger improves the body’s resistance to fight illnesses due to the presence of its active constituent- Gingerol. In its fresh form, this herb has been proven to prevent the generation of free radicals and protect the body .
Ginger can either be taken in raw form with honey or used in Tea, Soups or Curries.

3.Honey This  golden liquid prevents the proliferation of virus in cells by activating the immune system and thus arrests its spread. Replace honey with sugar means lesser calories as well adding vitamins B2, B4,B5, B6 ,B11 and minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium etc.
Start the day  with a spoonful of honey  in a warm glass of water which works both on immunity as well off to ward off the extra weight.

4.Pippali - it is part of a  very important ayurvedic formulation called trikatu. With its ability to balance kapha and vata , this herb rejuvenates lungs and works on upper respiratory infections as well as digestive disorders . Pippali also helps in stress management .
                     Make a concoction with 1/8tsp pippali, 1/4th tsp  ginger & 1/4tsp turmeric in ¼ th cup warm water along with 1 tsp honey.

5.Shatavari This rejuvenating herb has been extensively researched and proven to increase antibodies and improve overall health. Clinical tests have also  proven its immunoadjuvant properties  
             Mix 1/4th- ½ tsp Shatavari Churna  with warm milk and honey and consume after meals 

6. Garlic: in raw from contains Allicin which has antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties. Turns out this everyday herb does not just ward off vampires but also Corona symptoms. However heat can inactivate sulphur enzymes and render garlic’s immunity boosting properties useless , hence it’s best consumed in its raw form.
Chew 2-4 cloves daily on an empty stomach for maximum benefit.

7.Tulsi this holy plant has been used to boost immunity from times immemorial . Two water soluble flavonoid oxidants namely orientin and vicineninare are what help in protecting cells and strengthen immune system .
                    The leaves can be incorporated in tea or  be chewed on their own .

8.Amla is the star ingredient in Chyawanprash which is the most effective rejuvenating ayurvedic formulation. It works on balancing all three doshas -Vata , pitta , Kapha while strengthening the tracheo bronchial tree  .This fruit contains 20 times more vitamin C than oranges and is the best natural resource of vitamin c , polyphenols, flavonoids which help fight infection

Use either in the form of chyawanprash with warm milk , or amla murabba .

9.Giloy- owns the reputation of Sanjeevani due to its immunity boosting ability. A favourite herb of physicians for treating various illnesses, Giloy is packed with antioxidants which help in fighting free radicals.
Giloy juice can be mixed in warm water and consumed on an empty stomach. The recommended dose is 15-30 ml.

10.Ashvagandha  or Indian Ginseng  is widely recognized for boosting the body’s immune system as it is rich in biologically active substances like amino acids, peptides, lipids, and the bases of nucleic acids. It also helps reduce blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol levels and reduces the stress hormone. 
Mix ½ tsp Ashwagandha powder with !/2 cup cup water and consume 1 hour before meals twice a day. 

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