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10 Stupid Things that cause Anxiety

1. Perfect Outfit- the amount of time and effort we put in choosing the right outfit and accessories is mindboggling. Add to that  the insane amount of money spent on sparingly used fabrics since repeating clothes is taboo . when did it become a sin to repeat outfits and who set these new rules ? who remembers what one wore and if an outfit got compliments in the 1st time even more the reason to wear it again. One should remember it is you who makes an outfit look good and not vice versa.

2. Social media likes -The bane of my generation. Who hasn't felt their pulse racing and anxiety enveloping every time they upload a picture or status on social media. It can be a crippling experience . Don't let those likes or comments eclipse your personality , it's just hacks and givebacks and has no value .

3 Not being invited -  FOMO(Fear of missing out) is an epidemic today . How does it matter if one is not invited to every launch, gathering, shindig in the city? On the brighter side think about missing out on the calories, the cholesterol and inane chitchat that lead nowhere.

4. Friends or not- Let me break this to you  not everyone you are surrounded by is your friend or will be.  One needs to stop getting emotionally attached to the crowd and focus on spending quality time with people who really care.

5.Should I be doing something else -  you are here based on your educational qualification and work experience . A rolling stone gathers no moss  so have a long term plan  and stick to it. One's profession is a part of life journey and part of a bigger scheme.

6.Weight loss goals- I can't tell you how depressing those numbers on my weighing scale are. Every morsel  or lack of it that is ingested makes me feel guilty and anxious but not anymore. We have different body types and different lifestyles hence  not everyone needs to look like Twiggy or Hulk. Those extra kilos here or there are fine and once accepted actually add to one's charm.

7.Updating status- nobody cares whether u r alive  or witty or pretty.  It's ok to not update status or disppear from public eye once in a while. Do it and see your anxiety melt away.

8. Is he/she cheating - With smartphones in hand just expect the worst and live with a little amount of cheating or widen your perspective on it. I know it sounds harsh but that's the truth. Stop taking your partner for granted and focus on what's important.Cheating leads to nowhere and can actually ruin some very beautiful relationships. So rein in your horses and go back to good old values which actually help longterm. 

9.Imaginary illness - Every 5 minutes spent on Web MD makes me identify my physical state with atleast 5 diseases. As a doctor ,I understand it's normal but it still causes anxiety and the best way to defeat this feeling is bi-yearly checkups and not being a self certified doctor with aid from medical websites. 

10. Not  being good enough - We are all perfect for ourselves and each one of us is undergoing a difficult journey .Let's learn to love ourselves and discard the society's pressure of being perfect.  Remember the battles you fought, the ones which you lost but gained strength from and the ones which you were victorious in and led you to this post. We are all perfect beings in this seamless universe after all how can the Almighty create anything but beautiful and lovable ?


  1. Loved every bit of it... All points seems to be mine 😁😁

  2. I agree pretty much with everything you say except a quibble here or there. Will discuss with you in person. Please check me out too on !

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