The beginning

Entering the portals of the Mecca of management education in India was a proud moment. My first impression of IIMA with the majestic buildings, paved roads, lush greenery & well manicured lawns was awe inspiring.  Adding to the captivating beauty of the campus was the unique structure and layout of houses.
                  My hubby handed me the house keys & the welcome file which mentioned the location of playground as adjacent to MSH 10, how exciting & convenient!!. I relished the fact that I could take the occasional break from childrearing whenever they ventured to “heaven”..Little did I know that “children’s playground “would become a part of my identity & existence here..This 100 sq meter ground was  gradually divided  into two zones, the kid zone & the playground moms’ zone( disclaimer- some of the members of this group are not moms yet), despite their motherly behavior .
                   Soon I witnessed my darling husband undergoing a stunning transformation. Gone were the days of vacationing together, our silly romantic rituals or playing the doting father to our kids. He metamorphosed into a  perennially awake, non smiling, non vocal creature  with his head buried either into his books or his laptop .  The first few days passed in a haze since there were the school hunt, maid hunt , grocery shopping events, which we accomplished successfully. Then came the day I ventured into the park with my kids. The bevy of beauties I had run into earlier, graced the ground.. I have no recollection of how the the ice broke but 2 months later these people have carved a special niche for themselves in my heart,  our children discovered new friends and so did we !
                                     This was just the beginning of carefree days, fun-filled nights, spicy gossip & hysterical guffaws.

spouse brigade
The  playground( This is where it all started)
The beauties of IIM A


  1. Well written Rosme. Keep 'em coming!


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  2. nicely written Rosme... admire your vocabulary and the flow of thoughts. You can be a good writer...

  3. What a start Rosme!WOW!!! The transformation was hillarious...keep it going!

  4. Wow very very well scripted. I am out of words.Really congrats for writing such a wonderful blog.

  5. Wow very very well scripted. I am out of words.Really congrats for writing such a wonderful blog.

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