I vividly remember the day my hubby got the offer at Gurgaon. Bad timing! It was eerily after an infamous incident which had shaken the nation to its core.” No way are you taking up this offer”, I told my husband. My husband reasonably argued that maybe things will improve after this incident. His optimism brushed on me and I conceded.
The topmost priority on our list was getting the kids admitted to a good school. What seemed like a herculean task in chat rooms and websites on internet actually turned out pretty smooth. The school admission done we were finally ready to move to the millennium city.
Once we got here, we had two weeks to find an apartment. Just like the school the house hunting proved easy too. Galleria market proved to be the clinching factor for me. Always buzzing with people well into the wee hours at night, this place made me feel very safe, and I decided that I wanted to live close by. As if the Gods had been reading my mind we moved into an awesome complex nearby.
And then began my exploration of Gurgaon. To my amazement I discovered that this place has everything. Great malls to render you a great shopping experience, from food to ethnic wear to global luxury brands. They have something for people of all age groups which make them great for family outings.
One of the best experiences was the view from our new apartment. The Gurgaon skyline proved something to reckon with. Exquisite villas juxtaposed with majestic sky scrapers, provide an extraordinary panoramic view. There is a lovely smattering of green too, which partly balances the concrete jungles. And then there was the gastronomic element of the Gurgaon scene which gave a drool-worthy twist to the city. The famed “Dilli ka Khana” was an experience in itself.  Surprisingly, the eating joints are not restricted to north Indian cuisine. The variety and the flavours of food here have completely bowled me over.

The best part of this place however, is undoubtedly The People. I have made friends with people not only from all across India, but also from other parts f the world. All of us onboard this enthralling journey of discovering, relishing and enjoying making this city our abode, if only for a few days. It’s been a year here and I remain enamoured by the Millennium City!


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