New Age Ice Cream- Cherry Comet

In its quest to remain true to the millennium city tag, Gurgaon has another welcome addition, “cherry comet”.  A concept very popular abroad finally comes to sadda gudgawan- that of instant ice-creams. The concept is simple, fresh ingredients churned into a delectable ice-cream instantly with the help of liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen basically brings down the temperature to -200 deg C which instantly freezes the ingredients into ice-cream and voila ready for your indulgence.
10535633_479861242150740_9056829791458071419_oCherry comet is not part of some big chain, but the brainchild of three brave musketeers (read engineers) of our own millennium city who have embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. The team is extremely passionate about this concept, their ice-cream and food in general. I met up with Rohan, one of the musketeers, a gentle, unassuming but very well informed individual. He mentioned how the use of fresh ingredients and no air (literally) leads to a denser texture. Rohan also shared that  the ice-creams may appear lighter in colour, this is because they are devoid of any artificial colouring and only capture the true natural flavour.
The flavours that I tried were:
10505410_483834688420062_8459718284088125917_nSun and sands-  Pineapple pieces in coconut cream. I have always been a big fan of coconut icecream and the addition of pineapple chunks just took the experience higher by a few more notches. The ice-cream was truly dense, like Rohan had claimed and the texture and consistency was much better than the usual ice-creams.I had this on waffles and the combination was heavenly.They have a huge variety of ice creams with fresh fruits.
Boomerang- One spoonful of this icecream and I felt like a teenager again. It brings back memories of Britney spears and boybands, and everything funky I did as a teenager. It was very nostalgia inducing. Again the flavour and the freshness took things to an altogether different level. The black currants stand out on this pale peach colour dessert.
deep purple 01Banarasi Punch- This was a must try for me as Banaras is the land of my ancestors. The ice-cream is made with fresh betel leaves, gulkand and topped with sweet supari. I may have been physically in cyber hub but this dish magically transported me to the ghats of Banaras, with temple bells ringing in my head. This one for sure was beyond delicious- nothing like I’ve ever had before.( Blame my Benarasi roots for being partial)
Coffee toffee-Sticky toffee sauce over coffee ice-cream- it is sinful, delectable, gooey and delicious. The combination of sweet and sticky toffee sauce perfectly complements the slightly bitter coffee and leaves you wanting for more.
10547606_487493544720843_91571606049546327_n (1)Belgian bolero-  It has a  huge fan following, not surprising since it’s the perfect indulgence for a chocolate lover.
Tropical fiesto- I loved this ice-cream shake, fruity, refreshing, colourful and oh so flavourful. It truly brought out the kind of variety that this joint has to offer.
The icecreams can be served in a waffle cone but I preferred them on waffles. Cold ice-cream over warm freshly made waffles, can life get any better than this?
_MG_8490Rohan also explained to me that they are coming up with new flavours which include seasonal specialties and also hold your breath – Alcohol! Yes, it is possible to mix alcohol only in freshly made ice-creams as in the normal ones it tends to separate during storage due to different freezing points.
Now as if the iceceams were not attractive enough they also offer an enticing loyalty program. With every alternate visit, they offer freebies which ranges from free icecream to waffles.
10174840_483808798422651_5966918503921140043_nIn all the frenzied indulgence I almost forgot to mention the ambience of the place. The white and turquoise combination is soothing indeed. The Pièce de résistance was the “post it wall”. They have a wall covered in post-its with most interesting comments from their customers.
I need to revisit Cherry comet to introduce my kids to this dessert paradise and also to conquer the “post –it wall” by adding my sticky note!