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Sector 56 market in Gurgaon

One pleasant winter morning when we were driving back from my cousin’s place, I spotted a wide array of interesting, ethnic and contemporary pieces of furniture displayed on a reasonably long stretch of road. This is the stretch that connects golf course road to Ardee city road in sector 56. My curiosity got the better of me and grudgingly my husband agreed to stop for a while. I stepped out to see families belonging to the banjara or nomadic community residing in tents there. They sell these ornate pieces of furniture and knickknacks that will surely pique one’s interest. To my surprise despite appearing new and polished they were actually used products. They also sell new furniture which arrives in truckloads from Jodhpur. Gurgaon has a continuous flux of people moving out and into this land of opportunities. Many, it seems choose these banjaras to sell their wares to. Infact, some of the used stuff could be as good as new and may have hardly been used, or so it appears.
The discerning shopper, who values aesthetics but also monitors the budget, would find a huge variety of things to choose from in this place. There’s everything from exquisitely crafted wardrobes and tables to sofa sets and beds. They also sell little knickknacks which can spruce up the decor of any room. From toys to chests to clocks and anything or everything in between can be found here.
However be warned. Carefully scrutinise any object that captures your fancy. If there are repairs needed, they will do it for you. They will even polish or paint. As for the price remember to quote one  fourth of the amount that they ask for or sometimes further below the one fourth level. There are a lot of children in this settlement, hence it might be a good gesture to take along biscuits or chocolates and distribute it among them.
The furniture market at Badshahpur along Sohna road is also dotted with furniture stores selling refurbished products. From imported furniture, durian sofas, antiques to even musical instruments, they stock everything. They also stock electronic items and this attracts a lot of people. Another attraction is the availability of musical instruments. While these instruments may cost a fortune elsewhere- guitars, drums and even consoles- can be found here in good condition and also go easy on the wallet.
b2However, be careful to perform a thorough check for the used material you buy, especially furniture. Needless to say, it is also prudent to carefully examine or try-out any electronic item or musical instrument before making the purchase.

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