WizWits Launch!

Wizwits, a musical fantasy for children and families by kingdom of dreams, was launched with great fanfare this Tuesday. This is the third such show by the house which claims to be India’s only live entertainment destination.  The musical is scripted and directed by the Czarinas of Indian theatre , Lushin Dubey andBubbles Sabharwal and is an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story, The Witches. The directors have successfully managed to infuse bollywood flavour, which along with the ancillary infrastructure provided by kingdom of dreams makes Wizwits a spectacular extravaganza.
The show is about a chulbuli, Punjabi momma who comes to stay at the Poo Pot hotel with her badmaash bacchas. The hotel is characterised by interesting objects which spring to life on just a touch. The props in turn encourage the hotel manager, Bunty, and the two leading ladies to break into a delightful jig every now and then. Their stay coincides with the arrival of scary, funny witches and wizards, who detest children and hatch a plan to eliminate them from this world. However the smart children manage to turn tables and extract revenge from the wizwits .The message is loud and clear, Good triumphs over Evil!.
The stupendous light and sound effects transport the viewers into a magical world and augments the storyline. The deliciously scary and funny fairytale characters fly and punch and rant and rave in the timeless tug-of war between good and evil. The choreography is easy, exuberant and executed with great finesse. I personally loved the piece which was choreographed for the wizwits- Aerial dancers, stilt walkers, the slick dancers on stage with some of them landing in the audience. This bit was spooky, thrilling, and exhilarating. The actors possess impeccable dancing skills in addition to their obvious acting talent, and I hope to see them carve a niche for themselves in the world of entertainment. The children on stage stupefied me with their chutzpah!
DSC_2190The show is a complete family entertainer and can be enjoyed by one and all- from age 6 to 60. The costume designer catapulted the show to another level by her quirky, out of the box creations. I would specially laud her effort in dressing the wizwit. The wizwit is played by a male actor, who’s  dressed in a skirt and prances around the stage in kitten heels, staying  androgynous and true to the character as its name (Wizard + witch= Wizwit).
DSC_2080The show will play at ShowShaa Theatre , the latest offering from Kingdom of Dreams. ShowShaa Theatre is a grand , state of the art MICE venture in the country which addresses comprehensive needs of the business industry  that can combine business with pleasure. On the touch of a button its automatic recessing seats can transform it into a banquet hall in the evening for social functions and a glitzy high energy night club n weekends.
The show will play at ShowShaa Theatre , every Tuesday to Friday at 6 p.m and Saturday and Sunday at 12:30 p.m and 6 p.m .
The tickets are priced at:      Tues to Friday – INR 849/- per person    Sat & Sun – Royal INR 1099/- & Premium INR 849/- per person