The New improved Dunkin' Donuts at Connaught place.

Dunkin' Donuts revamped Connaught Place outlet was re-launched on the 9th of December. They organized a culinary workshop for bloggers which turned out to be a very infotaining session. The bloggers were apprised of new additions to the menu and the ingredients used. There are quite a few innovations to the existing items on the menu. The marinade for the chicken has been revved up. The tangy mango relish is a twist on the old one with the use of new spices. The sauces use Andhra chilies of grade 3 which will pleasantly singe your taste-buds.

  The Naughty Lucy Burger is an ode to the fancies of the modern woman. This burger is symbolic of a woman’s desire for different characteristics in a man. So this one’s naughty, nice, affectionate etc. the patty is filled with melted cheese resulting in a juicy decadent burger. It does however translate into a visual nightmare. Word of caution – please use paper napkins while devouring this beauty. It’s available in both vegetarian and non vegetarian options.

The Tough Guy Brute Burger is a salve to the wounds that the regular guy endures in his everyday life- the bloodsucking boss, the demanding girlfriend and the enormous bills that leech out the life from you. Gorge on the meaty core of this dude and let the heat of harissa and fiery mayo bring back the spark in your life.

The Tough Guy Original Veg Burger has a yam patty enclosed in a bagel bun and loaded with kasundi mustard. This one evoked mixed reactions.
The Ice Spiked Tea is an amalgamation of Indian herbs like mint, cinnamon and others spices. It is interestingly zingy.
The wraps have been innovated and how! The Wicked Wrap is a volcano of textures and flavours that explode with the crazy combo of crunchy nachos, hot chipotle and tangy mango relish all wrapped in multigrain tortillas .Both the vegetarian and non vegetarian wraps impress.

The dunkaccinos include two new varieties, Jamaican rum and Almonds Dunkaccino.
The “It’s a mistake” donut however is the star of the show .This white chocolate emblazoned donut is further spruced up with guava and hold your breath- chilli flakes. Definitely the kind of mistake I would regularly indulge in.

How could dunkins review not mention Kids’ preferences? So while my daughter loves death by chocolate it’s the Classic glazed donut that my son prefers and these ensure our regular trips to this fabulous place!
The tough guys and naughty lucys'


  1. Love the description of naughty Lucy and tough guy brute burger.


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