A healthy kick start to your new year with Cremica’s Salad dressings

Have you started to think about your health and fitness goals for 2015 yet? Is your new year’s resolution  to lose a pile of pounds?

As you ease into the first month of the New Year it’s time to make sure you stick to those resolutions about leading a healthy lifestyle. Sticking to new habits can be challenging especially when it involves bland salad’s and fighting cravings. Well, not anymore.

Cremica brings to you its range of Salad dressings to spruce up your tasteless salads, the  healthy way.
Add Cremica’s Italian Salad Dressing to a boring, leafy salad for a burst of authentic Italian herbs and flavours! For a healthy post workout snack top your favorite  salad with Cremica’s Russian Salad Dressing. Cremica’s Ceaser salad dressing when added to a bland salad is sure to turn it into a a zesty dinner meal.

If you want to look and feel the best you have ever felt try our dressings and get fit the tasty way.

They've introduced three new flavours of salad dressings at affordable prices which are  available at most leading stores in the city;

    • Russian Salad Dressing - Enjoy the mixed flavor of this dressing with anything you cook. 

    • Italian Salad Dressing - Add the authentic Italian flavors of herbs and sauces to your salads.

    • Caesar Salad Dressing - Add this zippy zesty dressing that will provide a burst of flavor with each bite.