Dhaba by Claridges, DLF Cyber Hub celebrates its first anniversary with friends and family

12th January 2015, Gurgaon: It was the perfect occasion for continuing the season’s festivities as Dhaba by Claridges celebrated its first anniversary at DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. Since opening its doors, Dhaba by Claridges has had the good fortune of serving finger licking desi food to numerous families. And to share the love that has so graciously been showered on them over the course of the past year, Dhaba by Claridges hosted an evening of cocktails and food with friends and family.

Patrons were treated to an evening of all things glorious from Dhaba’s menu. Colourful signature tharras like Basanti, Somras, Narangi floated around in a kitsch pauva bottles as people enjoyed the evening with these eclectic cocktails. Delectable delights of an array of kebabs had everyone drooling. A definite ‘Mutton Raan Kebab’ for most dining at Dhaba, these scrumptious juicy kebabs satiated everyone’s palate.

The evening turned into a magical experience for all as Dhaba by Claridges shared their gourmet food in a signature Dhaba style! To escalate the festive celebratory spirit, guests were encouraged to adorn colourful pagdis with the help of the pagdiwallah and many were seen gleefully capturing pictures with the backdrop of Dhaba’s signature funky truck. To add to the glittering evening, Noor had all the guests mesmerized with their groovy and lively beats.

Thrilled with the year’s accomplishment, Dhaba by Claridges celebrated their success and recharged for another year of culinary perfectionism