Dhanurasana or Bow Pose

  Dhanu is the Sanskrit term for bow and this asana is named so on account of the body resembling a bow in the position. It’s a very simple asana and can also be performed by children.
Getting into the position -
Lie flat on your stomach on a mat.
Now inhale and grasp the ankles with both hands while pulling the body up in a bow.
The feet should be elevated so that they are higher than the head.
Stretch your neck, arms and shoulders  , and breathe deeply.
Hold the position for atleast 30 seconds.

Helps stimulate appetite and also regulates digestion.
Improves posture
Strengthens and increases flexibilty of the spine.
Regulates menstrual disorders
                                          pic courtesy (google images )

Therapeutic  in ;
Diabetes , since it regulates pancreatic function.
Also regulates renal function and hence effective in renal (kidney ) disorders.

Not to be performed during pregnancy
Precaution should b taken be taken if the person suffers from high or low blood  and back pain.
This asana should be avoided if suffering from neck injury, hernia or if recovering from an abdominal surgery.