Kingdom of Dreams Welcomes the New Year with NGO Bhumi

Keeping its CSR initiative on the go in the New Year, Kingdom of Dreams, India’s incredible leisure and entertainment destination welcomed underprivileged children from the NGO Bhumi to experience world class live entertainment. The children’s faces lit up with unadulterated joy on stepping inside the dream destination. The spectacular Lotus fa├žade of Culture Gully mesmerised them upon their arrival, while the vibrant folk dances of India performed for their benefit gave them joy and happiness.

 From Culture Gully the group was ushered in to the opulent Nautanki Mahal for an experience of a lifetime, to watch one of the two of India’s biggest and longest running Bollywood musicals on stage, Jhumroo.  Jhumroo, Jhoomo, Nacho Gao, India’s answer to International Broadway, held them awestruck and stunned. The magnificent special effects on the stage enthralled them while the captivating melodies of Kishore Kumar got them clapping and applauding in sheer joy of the moment. The trials and travails of the hero of the show got them involved completely and the grand finale had them on their feet dancing and shouting out in joy celebrating the victory of the simple protagonist, “Bhola” of Jhumroo. An unforgettable afternoon for children who keep smiling in the face of adversity that destiny has thrown in their way!