The Magnifique Ambrosia Bliss

Ambrosia bliss is actually two-much of a good thing- Ambrosia is a fine dining restaurant, while Bliss is the lounge. They also have a boardroom, to let you mix work with play, at will. The place oozes luxury and is magnifique
Bliss is a casual lounge, ideal for a date with that special one or even a girls’ day out, when all you want is to laugh and listen to some good music. Ambrosia boasts of various options for seating. They have the decks which are ideal for sunny winters, though it was too chilly for yours truly Mumbai-chi mulgi. The interior has red chairs, white sofas and gold tablemats which appears extremely snazzy. Infact, this is just the place to hold a boardroom meeting and let your hair down afterwards at bliss.

The drinks menu is very expansive. Betel bliss  , the muddled concoction of vodka and fresh betel leaves stood out .Another winner was Ambrosian Layla,   which consists of hilly wild leaf juice, coco crème and vodka.

I asked for khowsuey, which was like food for the soul on that chilly day. It helped start the meal on the right note. Indian vegetarian platter consisted of dahi ke kebab, which literally had gooey goodness oozing out of the crispy exterior. The galouti was silky smooth. The Mezze platter was impressive indeed. The massaman curry with sticky rice was something I would indulge in regularly if given a chance.

Benarasi dum allu were an interesting twist on the traditional dish from my 
native place. The vilaiti vegetables were crispy, light and perfect for digging in when out with my weight watching girlfriends. Dimsum with spinach and water chestnuts was good but lost to the crunchy five which is filled with five types of vegetables and peanuts. The bean sauce served with dimsums really jazzed it up. The thin crust farm fresh vegetable pizza found admirers even amongst  hardcore carnivores  .Dal makhni and the  baby  potato  salad sadly did not live up to my expectation. I loved their Mushroom risotto which was creamy and well cooked. Tamarind tofu cups with peanut and galangal, were small and cute- literally screaming to be picked-up.

Desserts have an interesting array of delicacies. We tried the Gulab jamuns which were good. In case you are sugar phobic and thrive on sugar free, then this place will not disappoint. Their desserts include sugarfree options. One thing that did disappoint was the lack of sufficient eggless options; I hope Sachin Sachdeva and Chef Parampreet Luthra will soon correct that. Sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce was delectable .The coconut creme pudding was extremely impressive and rabri-phirni , the perfect end to an afternoon of  indulgence.

For those who desire superlative food served in opulent ambience without breaking a bank, then Ambrosia is one of the best options. This place also scores very high on service, one of the most polite, well aware staff I came across lately.