World Pizza Journey

World pizza journey- as the name suggests, offers pizzas from around the world and more. Located in the capital city’s coolest hangout Hauz Khas village, this is a paradise for pizza lovers. The interiors are colourful, youthful and vibrant. Chairs upholstered in bright colours complement the white tables. The table tops are interesting with some displaying currencies and others sporting maps.  Quirky table mats exhibit fun facts from different cities globally. As if this was not enough, the music added another quaint distinctive element to this cafe. The USP of WPJ is not just skilfully crafted pizzas but the pairing of each one of those with a drink carefully mixed by the master, Viju Raj.

 We embarked on our global pizza journey with The Czar from Russia (Pizza Mokba) which is typically big and strong. Filled with meat, this pizza takes you to meat heaven. Combine that with the Russian Bride for the perfect honeymoon. Some Vodka with the bitterness of coffee and the addition of star anise augment the flavours of this cocktail. Next in line is the Nacho Pizza from Mexico. We combine a meaty pizza with crispy nachos on top. Accompanying it is the Chelada- jalapenos, lime on a combined base of hard hitting tequila and beer makes it an electrifying concoction. 

The pizza from Florence (Rennaisance Pizza) is a remnant from Italy. It's has simple base flavours of Parma Ham, Basil leaves and chunky mozzarella. This is paired with Florence Hibiscus Sour. The sour kaffir leaves are concocted into the wonderful Jim Beam. The Truly Asia pizza from Malaysia has the earthiness of peanuts present whereas the Jamaican Jerk Chicken pizza is sweet from the word go. The Nepolitan pizza  is the  simple yet reverential margherita pizza with a crispy thin crust and was absolutely scrumptious. The Sicilian pesto pizza was juicy with pine nuts imparting a crunchy texture to it. Bombay Bhaji pizza was an interesting twist, so savour your bhaji with a breaded pizza base instead of the good old pav. The calorific pizzas are balanced by some really innovative salads. The Mexican corn salad was crunchy and colourful, with the paprika packing in just the right amount of punch. The Rocky balboa is a chilled salad with greens and pasta and was delicious. The Greek Gourmet Salad with its vibrant colours was also a crazy, medley of flavours. The tanginess of sundried tomatoes, sweetness of cherry tomatoes, crispiness of lettuce and the creaminess of feta cheese make it a must have.

The dessert section didn’t let us down either. The red velvet cake was moist and delectable, but the crepe stole my heart. Though a little too thick to be classified as crepe, they were nevertheless  dripping with nutella and the humble banana stuffing resulted in an awesome end to our great meal.

World Pizza Journey is a one of a kind pizza parlour, with its marvellous array of pizzas matched by mind blowing cocktails.

An interesting piece of trivia that I discovered at WPJ was The Pizza Principle which states that from the early 1960's , "the price of a slice of pizza has matched ,with uncanny precision, the cost of a New York subway ride".