Schengen Deli- Bistro- Pub

What could be a better theme for a restaurant than the Schengen Visa, when it is located smack in the middle of the area housing their embassies. Schengen Deli-bistro - pub located at Malcha marg takes you on a culinary journey through Europe. It is the brainchild of Bhanu Nehra of Mia Bella fame and his dedication to this baby can be gauged by his knowledge and involvement in various aspects of the restaurant.As one enters this chic bistro, time seems to stand still and serenity reigns. The layout of the place, paintings on the walls and other artefacts bring the Schengen theme to life in this cosy bistro, giving patrons the feeling that they have been teleported to a cafĂ© in Paris or Madrid. The ground floor is a deli, the first floor is the bistro which sports an alfresco seating as well, while the uppermost is the bar.

The food carries the theme forward with 26 european countries inspiring the menu. Chef Piyush  uses modern techniques to revive traditional European cuisine and succeeds stratospherically. There’s the incorporation of miniature greens grown in-house and some molecular gastronomy experiments , that leaves diners wanting for more.

Started off with one of my favourite soups Roasted pumpkin with scarmoza, the smoky flavour of this glorious soup warmed up my appetite .The Rocket, almond and walnut salad is refreshingly citrusy with the crunch of walnuts adding another dimension to its texture. Warm Tomato and mozzarella stacks won appeared like a blooming flower on my plate and the effect was augmented by the presence of a real , edible variety. Chef Piyush conjures up caviar with molecular gastronomy which not only enhance the presentation value but also elevate its taste. The stroganoff offers a slice of Russia on your plate. This creamy delight is served with herb tossed rice and oozes comfort food. The French delicacy, ratatouille provencal with garlic spaghetti arrived on our table. The bright melange of vegetables served with simple pasta offered a yummy contrast of both texture and flavours. The greek spanokopita was the perfect cheesy delight enclosed in a crunchy filo layer. The cottage cheese  steak filled with spinach was delicious. They were served with a side of mashed potatoes which was chunky and buttery, and a sweetened bourbon sauce. The duck breast on roast sweet potatoes and fresh water-cress was ravished with great gusto by my friends. The spicy rolled  tenderloin, is an amalgamation of Slovakian, Greek and Russian cuisine which succeeded in tantalising the taste-buds with every bite. They also offer a variety of pizzas prepared in a woodfired oven . We tried the No.1 which is a clean break from regular pizzas being devoid of cheese. The perfectly thin crust of this pizza is topped by artichoke hearts , roasted pepper and spinach.

If you are dining with someone special, then I highly recommend their super moist Red velvet cake. For the chocolate fanatics there’s the shiny ,sinful double chocolate mousse, which was the perfect ending to a fabulous meal.