Elegant Dining at Amreli

Elegance is an attitude – The longines tagline reminds me of Amreli. This desirable attitude is what Amreli sports in abundance. The ambience ignites memories of elegant spaces in old classic novels. The restaurant’s interior has been conceptualised by Sidhant Lamba and has walls displaying numerous interesting pieces of art and chairs with high arched backs. The al fresco is abundant with greenery and this naturally beautiful place was where we chose to dine amid such wonderful weather. While the ambience of this restaurant oozes old world charm, the food incorporates a twist in traditional recipes.

 We ordered the Mandy blush which was the citrusy combination of Lime and Orange. The Mojito used fresh lime leaves instead of the traditional mint showcasing the first twist we encountered that day.
The menu has been curated by none other than the super-famous Sabyasachi Gorai. Chef Sabyasachi has shown his visionary abilities and the twist tends to magnify its beauty. For starters we tried the Crispy filo wrapped raan which was filled with moist and juicy lamb. The Fish tikka was well cooked and tasted fresh. The Panner tikka had an interesting filling of coriander paste which ensured that the core remained as flavourful as the exterior. The crispy onion pakoras were served with a very interesting side of kadhi mayo. The kadhi mayo brings together the crunchiness of fried curry leaves with its slightly bitter flavour, the pungency of mustard seeds and the sourness of mayonnaise resulting in a heavenly combination

. Rasam was authentically tangy and peppery. Jalapeno and cheese naan was presented with two sides - mango chutney and coriander chutney .The mango chutney will be every food lover’s delight and with the naan it was an interesting Khatta meetha combo. For main course Chef Anirban Chowdhury rustled up Chicken Chettinad which had  succulent boneless chicken smothered in traditional Chettinad paste. The mutton stew served with appams, was subtle with delicate flavours. I couldn’t stop gorging on the extremely soft appams that were brought to the table. Laal maans was a cross between the Rajasthani laal maans and vindaloo due to the slight presence of vinegar with meat so tender that it was falling off the bones. Meen moilee with its delightful flavours of coconut, curry leaves and mustard seeds complemented the Malabar paratha.

We rounded off our meal with the French delicacy Crème brûlée. The crispy caramel surface of the dessert was topped by a mushy marshmallow. Death by chocolate was the taste that my friend wanted should linger on his tastebuds at the end of the meal. For me it was the Blueberry cheesecake that won me over with its beautiful presentation and the sourness of blueberry compote complementing the sweetness of the cheesecake taking me to gastronomic heaven. A special mention for the staff that impressed me with their excellent service and complete attention to every single diner. Ashutosh , the person who served us that afternoon, managed to serve us flawlessly although it was a really busy day, which made the experience even better.