Mexican wave in Cyberhub !!

The newest Mexican restaurant to bombard the NCR foodie trail is Dos Burros. Strategically located at one of the most noticeable spots in Cyberhub, this is a joint impossible to miss. A beautiful alfresco seating, light blue furniture and lots of greens dotting the boundary ,Dos Burros appears like a paradisiacal island in bustling and maddening Cyberhub. The vibrancy associated with Mexican culture is palpable in every nook of this funky eatery, even in the music being played.

The bar’s boisterous and action packed. The extensive drinks menu also includes a separate shots section. La hacienda margherita is a sure fire winner for the upcoming summer-  margherita  soured with fresh lime served frozen or on the rocks. And if you are in the mood for some sizzling drama don’t forget to order the Flaming Lamborghini and watch the bartender literally play with fire! The glasses that the cocktails and shots are served in add an element of quirk to this place. Try the Nasty bitch shot which is an interesting mix of orange liqueur and tequila. The Seductive summer sangria with fresh apple slices, white wine, berry liqueur, et al was a hit with my friends.
The Dos Burros nachos were crisp, topped with beans, guacamole and sour cream making it the perfect snack to playfully squabble over when you are out with buddies on a drinking weekend. The Black bean soup was heartily satisfying. The fat, boxy Burritos arrived on our table. The textural balance apart from the sheer size of it makes it worth every dime.They are available with three types of stuffing, pick from the veg, chicken or prawn options. Curiosity made me order the Eva Longoria’s Mexican  rice. As sultry and scrumptious as the diva herself, the dish manages to set the tongue and heart racing in the same way as the original. 
The Spicy Mexican rice with its fiery flavours sent my taste buds in a tizzy. The Enchiladas were the primary reason for me landing at this place and thankfully Dos Burros does full justice to this Mexican delicacy. This is what I was craving for and my craving was justifiably satisfied. The Watermelon and goat cheese salad was fresh and juicy with the just the right tang of balsamic . The guacamole was creamy, punchy  with chunks of tomato. The Peruvian Lamb  neatly slid off the bone and enticed my friends with its taste.Served on  a bed of delicately flavoured risotto,this one is a must try for carnivores.
For desserts the Spanish quintessential Churros is served with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce. Dip the  long pieces of freshly fried dough in dark, rich chocolate syrup and allow yourself to succumb to the seduction of Mexican cuisine.