The Liquor Warehouse !

Imagine chugging your favourite poison with friends on an open terrace with amazing surroundings overlooking the NH8. Abundant  fresh air soothing your worries away in the maddening conurbation that is Gurgaon. The Liquor warehouse sports a 40 dish compact menu that is a testament to the chef’s and the consultant’s confidence. It ensures a hassle-free selection to diners while managing to maintain the quality of food.

The nomenclature reflects the USP of this place. Enter TLW with your gang, order alcohol by the bottle and in case there’s some booze left, the restaurant will tag it with your name and store it in the warehouse for upto a month. The prices are competitive and to ensure that you are served a new bottle it is unsealed only on the tables.  The cocktails here are woven around concepts. Since marmalades are an integral part of breakfast, TLW serves this essential in a cocktail aptly named the Breakfast martini. If this is not enough to kick-start your day then their Espresso martini will definitely perk you up .For apple pie lovers, the Apple rumble is highly recommended. It contains granulated apple juice, spiced rum and an in-house infused cinnamon syrup, all this topped by a dollop of ice-cream.  

The food is a revelation. The Nachos a la TLW have fresh nachos made in house and topped with beans, sour cream and some guacamole making it the perfect snack to go with your tipple. Do Pita pockets make u expect greasy high calorie falafel? To my surprise what was presented was breaded pockets with tangy chunky tomatoes and feta cheese which will balance sugar levels when one’s guzzling down bottles of alcohol .The pizzas here are cooked in a wood-fired oven .The Curried beans bruschetta with its smoky flavour due to scarmoza tasted awesome.The Burrito in a bowl will make me go back to this place; it’s an easy hassle free way to savour the Mexican delicacy without compromising on flavours. 

 The Veg dim sum basket consisted of trio of dim sums, with the crystallized veg variety trumping its counterparts. We also tried some tangy Pork belly a la vindaloo with pao.The paella was well cooked and extremely flavourful.It’s available in the vegetarian and prawn versions.  Sadly, Dahi ke kebab didn’t impress me. The Oriental veggie sizzler, literally sizzled our taste-buds with a plethora of flavours. With only two desserts vying for attention there’s hardly any choice for sugar buffs. However the decadent Baked cheesecake made up for the lack of choices with its sultriness!

The concept, ambience , drinks and the food definitely makes The Liquor warehouse a must visit .


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