Curiosity is the beginning of adventure !

The hungry monkey's tagline is- eat , drink, play and that is reflected in the ambience. A spacious bistro spread over three floors; the first floor is the restaurant, the second level is the  bar and the third is the terrace seating. The place has bare brick walls and a loft which at first glance appears bare and very basic. But as you climb up the stairs and explore, you discover the terrace which overlooks the magnificent deer park. Like it says on the wall here- curiosity is the beginning of adventure, one finds odd eccentric knick knacks like the bar shelf which is shaped like a molecule, a vintage hour glass etc,that lend a comforting old world vibe to the diner.

If you are a bacon addict then the Bloody bacon Mary which combines bacon infused vodka, spiced sauce tomato juice and peppers is the perfect cocktail for you. The food is an eclectic array of dishes which bring Californian cuisine to the capital city. We started off with Slow roasted mushrooms which were cooked in red wine and balsamic vinegar.  Roasting prevented the fungi from getting soggy and instead lent bite to it. I asked for the Roasted tomato soup which was poured on a stack of mozzarella cheese and tomato slices in a bowl on the table. The soup was intense and really gratifying. Next we tried Roasted beetroot tartare which combines earthy beets with creamy mascarpone, topped by toasted pine nuts and can even make a hard core carnivore gladly forego his meat.

Spicy Goan Chorizo Sliders are little delights inspired by the Goan Chorizo pao and is served with chips made in-house on the side for some diversity in texture. These spicy, tangy sliders will leave you craving for more.  Gratinated aubergine cannelloni brings together ricotta and tomato stuffed aubergine, with the  richness of cheese and heat from the chilli drizzle that translates into a riot of flavours. The Seasonal Trio of vegetables is smothered with burnt sauce- onion, leek, celery, literally burnt which intensified the flavour and is a must try for any vegetarian.

For desserts there’s the Hungry Monkey hot chocolate fudge- which is Chef Noah Barnes’ tribute to the hot chocolate fudge by Nirula’s. A few tweaks here and there, this rich chocolaty dessert playfully brings together different textures and flavours all of which made a humongous impression on me. Also, for those who prefer sugar with spice there’s the Soft centred chocolate chilli pudding.

Overall, the place is the ultimate hangout for a gourmet meal with friends or family, without getting too formal. The place will not fail to impress one and all not only on account of location and ambience, but also on the food- the raison d'ĂȘtre.