Different Strokes

A Group Exhibition of Paintings & Sculptures by Differently Able Artists. On the 1st of April 2015, Galaxy Hotel Shopping and Spa will host an exhibition of differently-abled artists called Different Strokes. Artists who have overcome grave odds in their lives and have learnt to express their innermost selves on canvas through Art will showcase their efforts in Different Strokes, Art Show on display for a fortnight at Beanstalk in Galaxy Hotel. Please find below the details of eth artists along with some pictures attached. Hope that you will find the information inspiring enough for you to feature it in your publication and provide support to the superlative efforts of artists who have fought against circumstances to create an identity for themselves:

1.Neelesh Ganesh
He is Autistic with high functioning disorder known as Asperger Syndrome. He has completed Class 12th from ‘The Sriram School-Gurgaon’. He currently pursuing drawing and painting through private institutions at present and has finished diploma in fine arts from National Institute of Fine arts. He participated in one of the exhibition conducted by National institute of Fine arts held in Epicenter Gurgaon in 2012 and won many accolades. He has also participated in ''art n art'' exhibition held in Delhi by Navshri Art culture organization at Pyarelal Bhavan. He recently exhibited his paintings at Fraser Suites-New Delhi. He is currently exhibiting his paintings at Gold Souk – Gurgaon.

2.Neha Verma

Neha cannot hear or speak, but her work says it all. Her works portrays different prospective of a women life. She has done BVA from Lucknow University and currently pursuing MVA in fine arts portrait from Lucknow University. She has done many exhibitions and participations.

3.Parveenjit Kainth

Parveenjit is suffering from polio, but this hasn’t stopped him from moving his life. He has always been interested in ar. Taken art as a profession Parveenjit is lecturer of fine arts at College for Girls, Ludhiana. His works are bright and colorful depicting the bright side of life. He has been awarded for his art by AIFACS in 2002 and by Centurian Bank Of Punjab in 2006.

4.Sheela Sharma
Sheela Sharma was born in Gorakhpur (U.P.) in 1968. She met with a train accident at the tender age of only four years and lost both of her arms in the mishap. Sheela was sent to a local primary school where she proved to be an excellent student and developed the faculty of holding articles with her mouth and feet which, in normal circumstances, would have found their place between her thumb and finger. Sheela was fond of making photographs and drawing sketches of people and natural scenes right from her childhood. She use to make geometrical diagrams, biological drawings of frogs, birds etc for her friends and even teachers, besides preparing her own practical file. After having completed her school education, Sheela succeeded in successfully completing her bachelor’s degree in fine arts. During her school days she participated in many art competitions where she was never a disappointed participant. Sheela has been a member of MFPA since 1999 and has conducted several solo exhibitions including one at the Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

7.Varsha Mane Kharatmal
Varsha Kharatmal, 33, is a trained artist, and has held art shows across India. She's also hearing impaired. Varsha Kharatmal's happy, beaming smile bespeaks her bubbling enthusiasm and exuberance for life. But that isn't all that makes Varsha special. A painter of extraordinary sensitivity and skill, Varsha was born deaf. Her art speaks for her, expressing all that she cannot say in words.

6.Vivek Kumar
Vivek has done MFA in Sculpture from Banaras Hindu University. He cannot speak and hear. He has received many awards in the field of Art. He has also been awarded by National Scholarship from Government of India, Ministry Of Cultural.


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