For the love of beer – Arbor Brewing Company, Bangalore

Bangalore, what a charming city! Probably home to the most cosmopolitan crown you will find in India today. You will notice people conversing in all languages. And this similarity of Bangalore can be compared to Montreal, in every sense, less the traffic mess! And most common traits I have seen in these cities are that its inhabitants love to party and drink all through the week much unlike other cities.  

So then again, what is special about Bangalore? Well the microbreweries here are just so cool. And they are everywhere. The crowd is really good and more so the ladies can be very free and comfortable all alone without the intrusion of despots! These microbreweries give an ambience where people come to chat, talk and discuss about life and not just get drunk. The uber cool Indian has evolved and loves to drink beer!
The word beer comes from the Latin word "bibere" which means to drink! And only a beer lover would understand what it is to enjoy beer as a "to drink" activity!! These microbreweries can make upto 8 types of beers in their cauldrons! And then, what with options galore? A beer lover can go mad at just the sight of a menu which offers hybrid beers, wheat beers, ales and stouts! And the best part of this city is that the crowd loves to drink every day of the week and finding a table at any one of these microbreweries is not easy.
Bangalore has some great microbreweries like Tout, The Bierre Club and The Arbor Brewing Company and many more. And they are so passionate about their work. They even go out of their way and declare that they “brew with integrity”! And beer lovers like me can complement that by saying that we drink with conviction!
Getting a little into the technicality of the brewing part is interesting. While visiting Arbor (they have a 4.5 rating from 3000+ votes on Zomato!) in Bangalore recently, my curiosity got the better of me, and I was eager to find out how these beers are brewed. Not that I got into the cauldron to see what’s was happening inside, I was definitely keen to find out what food standards they used.

The Belgian hybrid beer is spiced with orange peel and coriander! There isn’t much of the bitterness from the hop and the sweet and zesty hints of citrus add a sublime taste of delight each time you take a gulp! And what’s more is that the International Bitterness Unit (IBU) is 7 while the alcohol by volume (ABV) is 6%. And this beer you will surely enjoy with spicy flaming chicken.

Arbor specialises in so many varieties and my favourite is the Bangalore bliss. This wheat beer is made with a special type of yeast that creates tangled aromas of banana, clove and lemon! This favourite of mine boasts of an IBU of 15 and a ABV of 5.5%. Perfectly matched to my taste!
The Phat Belgian Tripel, Smooth Criminal, Buzz Saw and the No Parking Pilsner have a higher ABV and IBU. These good sins from earth are best accompanied with flaming chicken which swims with the beer in the mouth to produce baby orgasms for the taste buds! Well almost!
And who are the guys who are responsible for the action behind the scene? At Arbor, you will like the subtle electronic music all done with a great deal of passion with the swaying by DJ Deep. This young lad, was under my observation for quote sometime because I noticed how involved he was in his mixing. Here have a look at Deep! His music surely compliments the beer very well!

And when we order, we look at the menu and don’t bother about how much sweat and running around the maître d’hotel does for us. These fabulous lads must be recognised. They also make a whole lot of difference to what we expect from an outing, don’t we? In the pursuit to offer me a cajoling and comfortable time, these guys were tipped and clicked! Chef Amal, Manager Zeuben and maître d’hotel Sushant, Ajay and Somi; you guys are great fellas!

Why wouldn’t anyone love to come to a place like this knowing very well that the place is in awe of beer and people come to revere and worship beer! This huge place, Arbor, can easily seat over a hundred people and with traditional artisan brewing, will simply be loved by the people for years to come unless Apple Inc. invents some iBeer!

Contributed by Neelav Samrat De-
Neelav is  undoubtedly a self acclaimed glut and that's completely attributable to his innocent love for food. No harm done. he's a traveller and this compliments his passion for food. Otherwise, He loves to cook, drink tons of beer and thankfully doesn't drive after that!