The Roman Bistro- Kinbuck 2

Kinbuck 2 is the only Roman bistro in town located in the heart of the Rajdhani- Connaught place. A heavy door opens into this bistro and I was greeted by a wine rack which brought a beaming smile on my friends’ faces. The interiors are reminiscent of Roman architecture with huge arches, domes and graffiti. The sofas with their red and grey hues give a luxurious vibe to the bistro. 

 Spread over two levels the second floor has a PDR which can seat around 30-40 people and a cute alfresco seating which overlooks the biggest flag in North India. The terrace is equipped with mist fans to beat the heat of New Delhi. There’s also a huge wood-fired oven which has travelled all the way from Israel to this bistro and churns out some really delicious fare. Kinbuck 2 is the brainchild of a very young, well travelled and passionate foodie Anshul Garg . His eye for detail can be gauged from the fact that the spices used in the kitchen are imported from Syria.

I glanced at the menu which is a mish-mash of Lebanese, oriental and Indian cuisine. We started with some Pan seared scallops which were cooked in corn sauce. The combination of scallops with the fresh flavour of corn turns this into something pretty special. The very interesting Tiger bread arrived on our table next. Apart from its characteristic striped appearance I also like the fact that its gluten free and historic in its origin. It was easy to cook when soldiers were on the move and the density and sheer size of the bread made some soldiers use it as a shield. Bird prawns were perched on a crispy base that resembles a nest. The prawns appear like bird beaks, hence the intriguing name of this dish. This was served with a sauce that made the dish yummylicious.

The Biryani was extraordinary. The flavour was evident in every strand of rice and my hardcore carnivore friends couldn’t stop gorging on my vegetarian version of the biryani. The Kb 2 Ke fried chicken is  Chicken kiev, crisply fried with the batter thick enough to go with the chicken. This is served with a special sauce concocted by Chef Anay Mukherjee. Here’s some trivia while we are discussing Kiev- it was  Chef Anay who introduced the Kiev in the iconic United Coffee house restaurant’s menu and it’s been one of their bestseller ever since. It was bursting with garlic butter that oozes when you slice the bird. The ravioli stuffed with mushroom and smothered with tomato sauce was delightful.  Shawarma rolls were humongous in size, tasted great  and a real value for money.The Cottage cheese steak served with a side of ratatouille is highly recommended for vegetarians.

Despite all that food my sweet jaw ached for desserts and we relished the Red velvet cake , which was luscious, moist and extremely tasty. The Blueberry cheesecake also amassed huge fan following with its superlicious flavour.