FRISH introduces ready to use Exotic Smoothie Fruit Mix and Spanish Sangria Mix

Morning breakfast woes just got easier as Frish introduces ready to use Exotic Smoothie Fruit Mix and the Spanish Sangria Mix. This new line of frozen fruits has been premixed together to offer a new level of convenience for the health-conscious consumers who make smoothies or other beverages at home. The Exotic Smoothie Fruit Mix and Spanish Sangria Mix contain real fruits with no preservatives or added ingredients. As the scorching heat is taking its toll, these mixes act as a refreshing appetizer which gives the needed respite during the summer season.
The Exotic Smoothie Fruit Mix includes Apple, Black Current, Pomegranate and strawberry is available in 150g packs priced at Rs. 168/-, while Spanish Sangria includes Apple, Grapes, Green Melon, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Pineapple and Strawberry and is available in 250 gm packs priced at Rs. 225/-. Both these mixes are available across leading retail, multi-brand outlets and online on

The Exotic Smoothie Fruit Mix is easy to use as all you have to do is blend it with yoghurt, and add a handful of granola for that extra crunchiness. The Spanish Sangria Mix requires just two steps. Add the ingredients to your choice of white or red wine. Chill for two hours at least and then lightly crush the fruit, before serving. Sangrias are a great way to celebrate any occasion and though red wine is a classic for this drink, white wine and sake are great alternatives.
Smoothies offer an array of health benefits and act as excellent source of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. The fruits in each pack are freshly picked and frozen quickly to preserve their freshness and nutritional value. The products are gluten-free and excellent sources of Vitamin A and C.
Shivam Gupta, Director at Frish said,“The Sangria and Exotic Smoothie mixes are likely to change the way people make homemade smoothies by eliminating the need for fruit preparation. More importantly, these also ensure year-round utility. We continue to aim to bring high-quality, convenient and value for money products in the country, through as many retail outlets as possible.”

About Frish;
Frish is a vegetarian frozen snack food brand which started in 2012. It believes in global sourcing of the best products, delivering uncompromised value and quality to its customers. The brand uses frozen technology to preserve these products and make them available in India. The products are of high quality with no preservatives. The wide ranges of products under the brand include potato snacks, Indian breads and snacks like, pizza pockets jalapeno cheese pockets, spring rolls, punjabi samosa, etc.  Frish is available in all leading modern retail and general trade stores in the West, North and South zones of India.