Kingdom of Dreams Welcomes Children to Days of Summer Fun ~ a bonanza of activities to hone their talents~

Gurgaon: 19th May 2015: Summer fun and activities to enchant and engross the children! Kingdom of Dreams presents a bouquet of interesting choices to engage children and keep them out of the mid-summer burning heat.  From 9th June to 26thJune, India’s one and only live entertainment destination has planned an agenda of fun and entertainment for the vibrant young minds of children who are looking for activities to tickle their imagination ‘buds’.
The grand ShowShaa theatre will be the hub for this lively enterprise. Inside the plush interiors the children will be to choose from Dance, Acting, Art and Crafts and Music, both Instrumental and Vocal to hone their talents with. Trainers from the Crescendo School of Music will spend time in imparting training for Vocal music and Instrumental music. Post music the trainers from Crescendo will help the children to learn the art of painting; how Vertical Scroll: • Vocal Music Instrumental Music (11am -1pm)
• Art & Craft Painting (2pm-4pm)
• Acting &Dancing (4:30pm -6:30pm)
(Single Package: Rs. 5500, Any two: Rs. 8,000 & All Three: Rs. 9,500)
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to transform a piece of paper or canvas into a pulsating work of art with the stroke of a brush. The trainers will then teach the children the skilful use of materials and fingers to transform them into a piece of craft.
The DC Crew from Dance CafĂ© will hone the childrens’ talent for dance and teach them the right moves to popular Bollywood chartbusters. Dance will be followed by theatre workshops where the young people will be taught the art of acting and expressing by theatre artists. The fun will go on with more excitement in store for the weekends where the children will be taken for a backstage tour to interact with the artistes of the world’s biggest bollywood musicals on stage, Zangoora and Jhumroo. They will also be given a tour of Culture Gully to view the various state pavilions and their architecture…a tour of “India in one evening”, the 5D movies and indulge in more fun and games! 

The excitement will rise to a pitch with the grand finale in the offing for the children. The workshops will draw to an end with the young participants showcasing their talents and learning through music and dance performances and an Art & Crafts competition which will win them a number of prizes. Kingdom of Dreams will welcome the young people into its mystical realms and encourage them to live their dreams of live entertainment with these fun workshops!