Perfect Impressions !

The grand recently hosted an exhibition by Shweta Singh of Perfect Impressions. I spotted her brimming with energy , talking to her staff, interacting with customers, ensuring everyone’s getting the tea and snacks. All this while walking in those high heels and herself being impeccably dressed in as stunning red dress. We start talking and I mention that she reminds of me “Poo” the Kareena Kapoor character from KJo’s K3G.

The clothes were eclectic, colourful, flowy, blingy, there was such a huge array. The collection included crop tops, palazzos, Boho dresses, jumpsuits etc. There were some really quirky and attractive accessories that complemented the oufits. The room was bustling with people trying on clothes, there was something that everyone could take home, including me.

Shweta had been helping family and friends for a really long time and finally decided to take the plunge officially. She told me how learning the why’s and how’s of image consulting changed her life. She was transformed from a shy, reserved wall flower into a people’s person. It also helped her understand fashion, styles, cuts, fabrics and silhouettes. Most women face the same dilemma, we may have the right bodies but somehow end up choosing the wrong clothes and that’s where an image consultant comes in.

She explained the 4A’s that dictate her work-
Attractive- The aim of an outfit is to make a woman feel attractive.
Affordable- in the world of instagram, FB and twitter updates for some of us repeating an outfit is a cardinal sin hence they have to be affordable and not pinch our pockets.
Appropriate-It’s imperative to dress according to place, age, and occasion.
Authentic- a woman needs to find her own style. What looks good on A may look awful on B. And that’s why one needs to stick to authenticity. Blindly aping someone’s style is a big No!
The 4 A’s pretty much sum up the dilemma that most women face and surely makes the art of styling much simpler.
Shweta attributes her success to her husband who’s been encouraging her to build her own line. Apart from creating magic with fabrics, she also works closely with Oriflame and conducts workshops on style, etiquettes, and mannerisms.
The effervescence and optimism that Shweta generates, reflects in her clothes and rubs off on pretty much everyone who comes in contact with her. Here’s wishing her the very best in life!


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