The Project !

A couple of food fanatic friends wished to try out the newest baby in HKV , The project HKV. This one’s located right outside the maddening alleys of Hauz khas enroute to the deer park. A huge custom made wood fired Oven at the entrance caught my attention and from my gastronomic experience that day I can assure my readers that it’s been put to very good use. We plonked ourselves in the enclosed air conditioned sitting space that overlooks the deer park. It reeks of rustic elegance and is roomy and airy,   kinda like the diners in Canyon. To my chagrin though it was only when i stepped out of this pretty place to take  a phone call that I discovered the best nook at  The project. A herd of deers huddling near the fence in close proximity to rows of tables, amidst bountiful greenery, It was an enchanting spot.  I couldn’t help but notice that this restaurant is a  digression from Priyank Sukhija’s other ventures atleast the ones that I’ve been to. While the former are characterised by darkness, blaring music, and smoke, The project is all about  light, fresh air, nature  and serenity.
The menu is concise and that’s a plus since I like not being overwhelmed by a plethora of options. The carnivores started with a Shrimp Pizza .Mozarella, shrimp, tomatoes is a match made in heaven  and the chilli flakes added the right punch. Garlic Mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola and grana padano cheese were extremely scrumptious .Chicken and shrimp with fresh cajun Fettucine was cooked aldente in a creamy, wholesome sauce pleasantly spiced with  cilantro and paprika mix . The Mezze platter arrived with its disarming array of options. What caught my eye however, was the Pita . Warm, soft, fluffy pita which were made in the kitchen and is a rare treat  in this city. As I dipped  the fresh pita in the blush pink beetroot tzatziki , I felt like I was savouring   manna from heaven. The Rogan Josh is outstanding with succulent meat falling off the bones. What disappointed us on a seemingly good gastronomic trip was the Filet mignon . Despite asking for it to be cooked medium rare it arrived on the table medium well done .The Grill Atlantic Salmon was served on a base of creamy risotto which had absorbed all the flavours of the fish .Med veg cous cous  was warmingly spicy and bursting with flavours which will succeed in drawing me back to this place.

The jiggle  of the Coconut panna cota  as I tried to scoop it up ,was a testament of its consistency and the light and clean flavours of the pudding make it a winner. The perfect end to the meal was the Nutella and banana pizza which would be my personal recommendation at this restaurant.
Project  HKV is akin to the song that you put on repeat mode, you simply can’t get it out of your head. If they do manage to amp up the service, then it will draw me back again and again.


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