Vipassana- Part 2.

Day 7- The morning breeze was cooler, peacocks danced around and the sky laden with clouds were a welcome sight. This was the day we were allotted our Pagoda cells. Yay!! that made me go bonkers despite Guruji’s instructions to remain equanimous.  I entered my cozy Pagoda cell and felt warm and snug. I discovered my mind was clear and thoughtless and the silence awashed me with such a strong sense of well being, a feeling I hadn’t experienced in a long time.
When I stepped out of the pagoda, the strong breeze shook trees and leaves and flowers fell on me which I perceived as blessings being showered by nature. I felt ecstatic.
Day 8 & 9- The thoughtlessness continued and my meditative experiences grew stronger and better. I also continued to be excited by my bowl of “feeka dalia” at breakfast everyday.
I felt so content, strong and resilient as if there was an invisible blanket around me, something that was made of love and affection. There are no words to describe how I felt, in these 3 days.

Day 10- This was the day when we were taught the last part of meditation technique and allowed to break our vow of silence. The 1st person I wanted 2 talk to was “PC” my neighbour and the heart and soul of the group. Her vivaciousness was infective despite the silence. This felt like the shortest day so far. The talking continued till the wee hours of the night and was definitely one of the highlights of my stay.
Day 11- It was time to bid adieu. The sight of “D” and my kids was exultant but I also felt a tinge of sadness as I showed them around the complex. Goodbyes are still something I am not good at and this was another one of those tough trying times.

What I did take with me was some more understanding of mind, matter, karma and divinity.
I miss the discourses by Guruji. During the discourses it felt as if Guruji could read my mind, and seemed to answer just about every question I had brought with me. I can never thank you enough, Guruji. I also find it important to mention my assistant teacher who was just the right blend of strictness and leniency and helped us sail through the gruelling 11 days. The peacock, other birds and the butterflies around the campus, I miss them all too.

It’s been 2 days since I came back and I have managed to continue my practice and the easing in the regular environment was not difficult either.
All said and done can’t wait to go back again even if only for a short course.


  1. Its commendable ... Unimagnable The chirpy you silent fr 10 days!! ...very well described experience.


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