Eau De Monsoon - Review !!

Eau de monsoon sounded like the perfect respite from the sweltering heat on a Saturday summer afternoon- and that's were I landed for lunch last week. Having just returned from a holiday, and savoured some really exotic food, I was craving for traditional Indian fare with a contemporary twist and this was the place to be.The restaurant is located at Le Meridien, which is resplendent in the very heart of Lutyen's Delhi. Running streams of water at the entrance of the restaurant bring the theme of monsoon alive. The rust and gold colour scheme can calm the most ruffled of feathers and  lends an understated yet  sophisticated vibe to the place.

A  Mushroom cappuccino amuse bouche tingled my taste buds and prepared it for the twists and turns that were to follow. For starters I ordered the Tandoori broccoli, which were topped with chargrilled asparagus and  bell pepper and is served with a side of mint chutney. Transforming broccoli is no mean job and the chef did it with impressive flair. The king mushrooms came next stuffed with one of my favourite kind of cheese, the goat cheese. I bit into the mushroom to be tantalised by the cheesy filling and still left craving for more. Litchi sorbet performed a good job of cleansing my palate for the mains.

For mains I tried the Avant Garde menu and it transformed my luncheon into an exquisite affair. I started with the Mushroom strudel- the earthiness of mushrooms, freshness of cilantro along with the smoked curry sauce- sure made-up a kickass combination. The Cinnamon crepes arrived next, decadently filled with ricotta, wilted spinach; this was drizzled with do piazza gravy which intensified the flavours. The Uttapam stacks, in its multilayered format and served with sambhar sauce was feisty and bursting with flavours.

After a subtly flavoured consommé made with Kiwi and mango I was ready to proceed to the final but the best part of my meal- dessert. The rich, smooth Chocolate pave gelled extremely well with the kulfi duo of mago and pista. Chandan ice-cream piqued my curiosity and was the perfect end to a fabulous meal.

Eau de monsoon is a balm for harried souls, a classic that withstands the test of time and yet manages to impress every time.