K-POP Contest 2015 is back!

Korean Cultural Centre with its sponsors is proud to be a back K-POP Contest 2015, with another sensational festival of K-POP 2015 Contest.

After the successful sensational tour of N-SONIC in 2014, the first ever KPOP concert in INDIA. Korean Cultural Centre India is proud to enthrall its audience with another over whelming 2015 concert cum contest with much more exciting surprises. The supporters and sponsors once again join hands to promote the 4th Edition of K POP 2015 Festival taking place in all the major cities of India. 

After the grand triumph of K-POP Contest 2014, the K-POP syndrome has taken a huge sweep across India. We are expecting more admirers and audience this year. According to our sources K- Wave which was quite popular more in the North East and South India has now spread like fire across the nation. The 2012 Gangnam Style that popularized Korean genre has increased the hype of K-Wave. Gangnam Style moves infiltrated not only in South Asia and Bollywood but also among the youth community across the world captivating their attention towards Korea, this precisely defines the beauty of soft power and cultural diplomacy.The Korean Cultural Centre India is here to promote the Culture of Korea in a global platform for India and Korea for goodwill among both the nations.

The K-POP Contest 2015 contest is one of the biggest events in South Asia. The contest is initially witnessed in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, North East (Mizoram), Nepal (Special Entry) and New Delhi, after two and a half months of online auditions in the months of 18th April and 30th June 2015, on our special website http://kpopindia.com, the finalists reach Delhi for the Grand Finale.

To participate:-
Step 1Online Contest: Participant chooses a song from their favorite K-POP idol and redoes a cover song/dance and uploads the same to the above mentioned website with respect to their region.
Step 2Preliminary Round: If the participant is selected through the ‘Online Contest’ they will be competing in the ‘Preliminary Round’ from 25th July 2015 – 14th August 2015 in the region they have selected along with the other winners.
Step 3Final Round: The Gold Prize Winners of the Preliminary Round will compete with each other in the ‘Final Round’ in Delhi on 28th August 2015, at Siri Fort Auditorium along with all the participants from all over India.   

K-Pop Concert – 29th August 2015: Since K-pop is growing in India, to acknowledge the fans of K-pop in India, World famous K-POP Stars will be our special guest and will perform in our very own Feel Korea Concert 2015 on 29th August 2015. KCC decided to entertain all by bringing down few K-pop Stars to perform in Delhi on the 29th August at Sirifort Auditorium.

The final winner of 28th final contest will win the huge prizes like free trip to Korea, I-10 car sponsored by Hyundai Motors India Limited, and S6 Edge mobile by Samsung and will also perform for K-POP concert on 29th August at the Siri Fort Auditorium with famous K-Pop stars.
They may also get an opportunity to represent India in the K-POP World Festival 2015 in Korea.
Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Kim Kum-Pyoung, Director, Korean Cultural Centre, stated, “We were over whelmed by the enthusiasm of the people last year. We are expecting KPOP 2015 to be one of the most sensational events of the year.” Wishing good luck to all the participants he further added,” It’s the ultimate platform for the gifted and talented young performers to showcase their talent and challenge themselves to achieve goals.”
K-POP is a world famous South Korean Music genre, comprise all genres of South Korean pop music with pop-dance, pop-ballad, electronic, rock, metal, hip hop, R & B, etc. The craze and the jazz for this genre of music are extremely popular and global. Experimentation of music, style, dance and design defines the KPOP Stars; they are also termed as the Hallyu Stars, the term originally originated from Beijing journalists, for the popularity of Korean Culture and Entertainment.    

K-Pop Prelims in each Region and dates:

Sl. No.
25.7.15    6pm
Grace Banquets
25.7.15    4pm
MGR Hall, Hindustan University
25.7.15    5pm
Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre
25.7.15    6pm
Mizoram University,
New Auditorium,(TBC)
29.7.15    5pm
NIT Patna Sejonghakdang
1.8.15      4pm
Samsung Cultural Centre
14.8.15    5pm
Korean Cultural Centre

Korean Cultural Centre
Korean Cultural Centre India, operating under the Embassy of Republic of Korea was established on 13th December 2012. The centre serves as a platform for artists and exemplariness to perform together and showcase their talent. KCC also stands out in Asia’s top cultural centre promoting History, culture, and traditions of Korea. KCC has its own Korean Language Institute, Sejong Institute and Korean Martial Arts Academy, Taekwondo Academy. It houses the best equipped Library; Princess Huh Library has one of the richest collections of Korean Books, DVDs, Magazines and journals of Korea. Truly a state-of-art collection with an Exhibition hall showcasing Korean and Indian art. KCC also has its own authentic Korean CafĂ© designed for your palette. KCC truly hosts the most amazing Korean Experience in India, promoting Korean food, culture, tradition and history.