My Yellow Table Launched !

It was a warm Saturday afternoon when I entered Imperfecto at Hauz Khas Village to attend the launch of NDTV Good times’ new show My Yellow Table. Among the crowd was the unassuming yet flamboyant Chef of national and international repute- Kunal Kapur. It was not the first occasion I was meeting him (lucky me!), and was he the most courteous and sweetest celebrity ever? Chef kunal kapur is the host of this show and it’s his first solo show ever as an anchor.

They screened a teaser which revealed some informal, funky and yet informative elements of the show. At the launch Kunal whipped up a few simple recipes and Moi got  the privilege of assisting him.
The show revolves around indian food with Kunal adding his own twist to the recipes.The idea of the yellow table is two-fold (with certain bonuses). The yellow colour is to attract attention (bonuses being the piousness and the colour of turmeric, etc). The table is symbolic of the need for families to sit together on a table and have meals- a tradition washed away in the era of busy lifestyles, gadgets and the constant need to be on social media. Though the food may originate in the simple, the innovations by chef Kunal will make sure that your family will lick their fingers, and that too with combos that are simple to concoct.
The format includes the Menu being revealed at the beginning, so you know what to look forward to. Depending on the specifics, there will be 3 or 4 mouth-watering preparations in each episode aired. Chef has made sure that these wonderful formulations can be prepared from ubiquitous raw material. The underlying theme is to fill the whole table from with the Menu of the episode, enough for friends and family to get together and enjoy a meal.
Kunal's aim is to try and demystify traditional recipes and make it accessible even to those lacking culinary expertise. Each episode features interesting guests who join Kunal in this fun journey, and a few of them were present to relate their experiences- including my favourite blogger- Pawan Soni. From whatever I could gather, the show promises to be fun and interesting to either cook along or just watch. So are you booking your place on the yellow table with Chef Kunal Kapur at the Yellow Table on 9 pm every Saturday? Coz I sure am!