Nero- Le Meridien , New Delhi .

My favourite kind of bar is where I am in the midst of fellow beings yet left with enough privacy to be on my own. So if you’re anything like me, Nero is the place to go- located at Le Meridien New Delhi, right in the middle of the political junta. It indeed is one of those smart places to drink your poison in elegant surroundings, listening to some exquisite music designed for the connoisseurs’ ears. One crosses the grand lobby past the coffee shop to Nero; this high ceilinged space done up elegantly in black and grey. The variety of seating options seem to ooze comfort and one is drawn to them with the promise of a relaxing escape and how!

We tried their newly launched sparkling menu. Starting off with the Italian classic Negroni sbagliato, a concoction of sweet vermouth, campari and sparkling, the trio blends beautifully resulting in a delicately flavoured drink which exudes a strong personality.  My teetotaller readers need not be disappointed; Nero offers some mindboggling mocktails as well. The Ginger and strawberry sparkling water combines the earthiness of ginger with the freshness of strawberry and the zing of sparkling water. 

However,  it was the Paan & Perrier which outshone all else, so much so that even the hard core alcohol junkies were also motivated to try it. This concoction is a rapturous blend of various flavours.  The pungency of betel leaves balances the sweetness of candied rose and the Perrier adds the sparkle. Accompanying these spectacular drinks is a no fuss- compact crisp food menu which comprises of finger food. The Crumb ricotta cheese balls were oozed with gooey goodness. The Fish fingers were subtly seasoned with Cajun spice and served as the perfect accompaniment for the amazing drinks. For those who can’t have enough cheese the Jalapeno poppers are delightful.

Nero with its affable staff and spectacular cocktails is a perfect place for meeting anyone from a business associate, my gang of girls or even that special someone.