All about Eclairs and Coffee

Le Méridien, Gurgaon celebrates International Coffee Week with Éclairs and of course- Coffee
The eventful evening at La Méridien was based on the theme “Around the World in 7 days”. And boy; was it a nice way to celebrate the coffee week. Acclaimed Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini opened the festivities- albeit electronically- kicking off the signature éclair program. Chef Johnny had travelled all over the world last year developing his “Éclair Diaries”. This was followed by their very own Exec Pastry Chef Anil Kumar conducting a workshop for all of us present at the Longitude Bar. As a part of the workshop I and some of the other guests also piped our éclairs with the guidance of Chef Anil. Not only were the guests delighted to participate in the workshop, the joy of the chef and the team was palpable and infectious as well.

 This series of celebrations was heralded with World Éclair Day on 22nd June when Le Méridien Gurgaon offered an éclair -on the house- to each of its guests who ordered a coffee.
Then on 27th June was this wonderful éclair workshop followed by artistic presentations of signature coffees which was truly impressive. The coffee artists expertly created these wonderful designs on coffee and that too on the go, which was in league of being magical, particularly for the non-arty mortals like me.
Overall, the evening was the most delightful experience at Le Méridien Gurgaon, with some great éclairs (including those piped by me), their signature coffee and not to mention some wonderful company.