Hybrid- Review

The Hybrid is located at Tolstoy Lane off Janpath and is quite spacious with all of 8000 sq ft- so much so that the right music can get the people dancing at this joint even without the need to create or designate any special place as a dance-floor. Of course you’d have no idea what happens here at night if you visit the place in the day because the place behaves like a regular café till evening, fine dining till late evening. Finally, as darkness falls, this transforms into the ultimate party destination with a total Club and lounge feel- hence the name Hybrid.
Few of the levers that they pull to carry out this transformation are the Café and Lunch menu during the day and a global comfort menu at night; besides this the lighting, the music, the general mood and even the waiter’s uniforms change with this transition. One has to admit that the concept is indeed novel and would attract the right kinda crowd- the happening- from Gen X to Gen Next.
A discussion about the place would be incomplete without a brief about its interiors- the grandeur and expanse, the exquisite furnishings, classy décor combined with some cool themes- an old world charm combined with semi-industrial looks. This place is a hybrid in every way. There’s leonardo da vinci to old type-writer history, chains, raw bricks, textured wood- combinations and contrasts- everything coming together to make the place what it is.
Now let me delve into the food. Global in its appeal, the menu is a combination of Thai, Italian and Indian. Arancini sounded perfect on that rainy afternoon to start our meal with. It was the perfect antipasti- Crispy tomato flavoured risotto balls were just delightful. Thai corn cake with its strong flavour of lemongrass impressed me especially when combined with the sweet chilli sauce that came as a side. Grilled vegetables in Green Thai sauce were crunchy. Although the grilled vegetable crepe is listed under starters, it can be a good healthy satisfying option for lunch too (hybrid). The downpour outside made me forget all about healthy eating and I asked for Mexicana fries. Crispy fries topped with sour cream and salsa is the perfect accompaniment to the fabulous drinks that Hybrid serves.
For mains we had oriental veggie in schezwan sauce which was served with rice a side of kimchi. This one was outstanding with its fiery flavour. There’s only a single option for dessert as they seem to be working on the menu. The Brownie with ice-cream helped us end the meal on a good note!