Joyland- Thrill and Zing !

On a Friday evening, my kids wanted me  to take them out to a fun place and I decided to check out Kingdom of dreams’ Joyland- their latest addition.  It seemed to be a simple and economical option besides the alluring novelty value of course. There’s no cover-charge instead you can pay for the rides or games that one uses. It’s based on the theme of Poco who’s a 7 year old boy- the mascot of Joyland- and his best buddy a baby bull Loco. It’s a small but fun place. There are but a few options but trust me it was so much fun. So my kiddos started with the elephant ride which kickstarted the evening on  good note.

Then I sidled up  to my son in the bumper car and the fun multiplied. Actually, this one is a complete family entertainer. Although in our case it was my little man in the driver’s seat . There’s a small pool which has some boats for those who prefer rocking themselves.Then there was the Frisbee, for those who want a little more than just fun. This stomach churning freewheeling ride swings in an arc and is really something. 

While the kids are busy hopping on the eternal favourite Bouncy, the parents can indulge in a game of air hockey and basketball. Every day between 6-7 pm Poco and Loco meet the guests visitors and there’s also a very energetic dance performance. The food and drink stalls serve some delightful fare while being priced reasonably.

Although this was meant to be a children’s day out, I ended up having as much fun as did. So check out Joyland the next time you’re toying with options to take your little ones out,they will definitely be delighted.

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