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Kids Pizza Party at PizzaExpress

PizzaExpress @ Ambience Mall Gurgaon, organised a pizza oriented culinary session cum party for kids last Saturday. My pizza crazy daughter was super excited and my desi fare loving son sportingly decided to tag along.
The session started with the perky chef getting the kids started by donning aprons and chef hats. They were then instructed to make their own pizzas. The children seemed to be getting more and more confident with every step. The dough kneading part was like playing with clay for the younger ones, while the older kids seem to be getting a hang of things; both seemed to enjoy the experience equally. The ultimate fun part was topping the pizza base by choosing their favourite ingredients. I loved the colourful fare dished out by them which was then despatched to the oven.
The children were later treated to a pizza flaring session by the chef on the beat of dhoom macha le  and they also tried their hands at it albeit clumsily. They all took turns at it with the next kid thinking that he or she could get it- but it was basically pure fun. The evening ended with the little ones gorging on the piccolo menu that saw several beaming smiles.

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