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OM chanting My experience and my learning

I have been chanting Om for years now,first as a child because the parents said so, then as an adult because the priest said so! By the time I was old enough to know better I chanted Aum because it had become more of an unconscious practice.But wait no one ever answered my question why? Why do I need to Chant AUM.
Chant AUM  it will bring you closer to God. Oh but then who is God or where is he/she? And that would start a whole another discussion and the original query would be lost.
Chant AUM and you will get what you want.Oh but wait who will give me what I want?God!Oh but wait who is he/she?And the original query would again be lost.

Why do you need to know all this? Just chant like everyone else does. It's just one of the many words in a the Mantra after all! Really, is it? Most of us know about the origin, meaning and benefits of AUM chanting. But that is it.We" know" a lot but have we experienced it? And let me tell you it's a beautiful experience!Like I was recently reminded by someone very close to me, the one who knows is an intellectual but the one who experiences it is a mystic. And I couldn't agree more. We have more of intellectual conversations happening around.Rarely will you come across people who have experienced it and those who have are not inclined to talk about it. After all who wants to face sceptics all the time. It just brings your energy down!Today I know better and have been chanting mindfully for few years now.And this is my account of it.
I read a lot. Spoke to my parents who are spiritually minded. Discussed at length with my Uncle who is also my Guru. Gathered a whole lot of knowledge.And I was ready to start chanting mindfully.
1st day I sat down in Lotus pose/sukhasana, closed my eyes and took a deep breath and started chanting AUUUUOOOOOOMMMMMMMM while breathing out. I managed to sit still and do this practise for 10-15 minutes. I repeated this over a period of days. But this did not bring me closer to God! I realised I was unknowingly doing a mental checklist of things I had done that / previous day and also of work to be done.More of a to do list. Then I thought maybe this is the route taken to God realisation, after all "work is God"! I continued like this for some time till I said to myself I am missing something and one day it just popped into my dream that what I was missing was the whole idea of quieting the mind rather than listening to it.
So then, next day onwards I started concentrating on the vibrations that were produced while chanting. We are all made of energy. Vibrating energy.The whole universe is nothing but energy vibrating at different frequencies. You, me, all species of life forms, living non living, everything is energy. All of our internal organs vibrate to certain frequencies. And falling sick means our frequency needs to be reset. Even Medical Science today recognises the importance of musical( which again is vibrational energy) healing.
After a few days of practice I really got a hang of it. Just concentrate on the sound the chanting produces.My whole body vibrates with it.Right from the abdominal muscles to my skull.While  "AU" produces vibrations in th abdominal region giving a gentle massage to internal organs, the"OO" sound  vibrates in our chest and throat.By the time I reach"MMMMM" which produces vibrations in the head, my whole body is one light weight mass! Let me caution you here the phrase"few days could also mean months at certain places:-)"
In the beginning it was little unnerving.The sudden burst of energy, body heating up.You are not able to hear anything else. But slowly I got used to it. Absolute silence within. You might be in the midst of a war but no outside sound reaches inside. All I could hear was the humming sound. And at the end of the chanting I feel the vibrations every where in my body. I think now I know how the mystics could elevate themselves!
I made it a daily ritual to chant for half an hour in the morning and evening. Slowly  breath in and breath out become became"inhale and exhale". I became more aware and conscious of my every thought and word. I have a 10 years old daughter who is also full of questions and I try my best to answer them. I hope she learns from me. This is the best way that I know of to not only de stress but also rejuvenate ourselves. The positive energy it creates is amazing. I hope the younger generation is smart enough to realize this and get into the practice without arguing about the religious leanings. The benefits are tremendous and more so with this generation which is always on the go, never having time for themselves.  
Weird it may sound but ever since then whenever i am confused or worried about something I always dream, if not the whole answer then atleast a pointer to the solution, during sleep. I have  a habit of looking at the watch whenever i wake up from  dream. These dreams always come to me between 3a.m. to 5a.m. Initially everyone would laugh it of.Family friends even I did not take it seriously. But as the accuracy of my dreams increased, now they all discuss with me whenever they are at a crossroad!
Today I am an extremely happy person. I rediscovered myself with mindfull chanting.As my daughter likes to put it I have fallen in love with myself and it shows." Mom these days you glow!" what a wonderful feeling!!

Settled in  Gurgaon for the last 3 years, Sumita is a yoga enthusiast. She firmly believes that each child is a born yogi.Has been practising yoga for the last 5-6 years in Bangalore and Gurgaon . she quit working once her daughter was born. Now she enjoys motherhood along with pursuing hobbies like light music,reading and cooking and of course doing  yoga.


  1. Everything is vibration , an energy that always rounds us every time, every second.
    An infinite energy, we can reach to it only by realizing the vibration , an internal sound, this sound is always there, but popped up when we our mind is still and quite .
    when we feel or listen to this vibration, mind always go in silence in just few seconds.
    and then we can feel the energy building withing us, a small energy we are and as the mind become more and more conscious of these vibrations our brain also works so faster and so smoothly ,
    slowly slowly we can realize that we are surrounding with the great energy and we are mixed with that, after that, we can not bring this experience in word, it is just beyond .
    Kuldeep Sharma


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