Promotional Menu and Masterclass at Prego, Westin.

A rainy Saturday afternoon saw me braving the traffic and the deep pools on Gurgaon roads to attend a masterclass by Chef Guiseppe Lioce who was visiting from Westin Pune.
The joie de vivre that Guiseppe exudes is infectious. In his introduction he mentioned that he belonged to Bari which is in the south of Italy and how that cuisine differs from north Italian cuisine which is influenced by French style of cooking. He demonstrated three simple recipes which are also part of the promotional menu.
The  simple Broccoli Calabresi  with romesco sauce was the ideal snack in the downpour. Next Guiseppe showed us how to make pasta at home. He even shared some tit-bits on how this pasta is also called gossip pasta because Italian ladies spend their afternoons talking to each other while making it. We clumsily tried our hands at it with the jovial chef encouraging us. For sea food lovers there was a simple sea bass recipe with livornese sauce. In the meanwhile he shared some invaluable tips on the importance of different wines in different sauces, olive oil and the general Italian love for good food. The culinary session was followed by lunch which showcased the promotional menu. A hearty Zuppa di fagioli or borbetti bean soup warmed our appetites for the feast that was to follow. The cavatelli dressed abundantly with a chunky mushroom sauce was extremely delicious. The star of the afternoon was definitely the Milliefoglie. Flaky pastry interlayered with warm custard and served with vanilla ice-cream did not just look dramatic but even tasted heavenly.
All said and done I Hope I can apply my newly acquired knowledge in the kitchen and impress my family- particularly my pasta loving kiddos. For those who prefer eating to cooking and have a penchant for all things Italian- Head to Prego at Westin where Guiseppe is spearheading the kitchen till the 17th of July.