10 reasons why I love being a Mom!

I vividly remember the happiness that surged inside when I saw this baby pink beauty wrapped in a royal blue blanket. A year and a half later all the pain and discomfort I endured enroute the hospital in active labour was forgotten when I first glimpsed at my lovely baby boy. Being a mother enriched my life and has been one of the biggest blessings of life. The kind that’d make me want to #gratitude @God over and over again on all of social media and here’s why so;
                                                  Pic courtesy- Khushboo Phogat Ahlawat
1. I wake up every morning to hugs and kisses and that lazy smile on those strawberry red lips is like a caffeine-shot to my brain which never fails to lift my spirits
                                                        Pic courtesy- Sumita Roy
2.It’s made and keeps me smarter- They ask so many questions on a plethora of topics from food, geography, cartoons, to even technology… as a result of whichI have to stay abreast of current affairs and a lot more.
3 .Cures Impatience- So last night when I returned from a party I was totally exhausted and wanted to crash but the little ones were still awake. Despite the exhaustion I had to snuggle up with them, share stories and put them to sleep.Kids can act cranky, be agitated and although the initial reaction is to snap, I know that’d just make it worse. What works best is to stay calm, so that they calm down and are ready for suggestions and that helps me develop patience.
4.  keeps depression at bay- Children can absorb the slightest negativity and like every other parent, I strive to see a smile on their face. Hence I am never gloomy, tired or stressed around them consciously and this  results in buoyant spirits.

5. Boosts Creativity- The most taxing job as a parent is keeping the children occupied , one has to think of new ways of engaging them, from picnics, to dishing out novel culinary fare, drawing sessions, games and even stories .My brain’s turned into a laboratory for rustling new ideas thus developing creativity.
                                                 Pic courtesy- Khushboo Phogat Ahlawat
6. My energy level has soared- I am on my feet for the larger part of the day, following a schedule that entails rustling up food in the kitchen coz they are hungry all the time, tutoring them and we all know how difficult it is to make a child settle and study, and then the disciplining part which is extremely frustrating (Try saying No repetitively to the same question without losing your cool). On some days I’m tired to the bone, but all I need is some head massage by those cute little hands and I am raring to go again.

7. Developing perspectives. What seemed as an acceptable ritual is something else when you try to impart those practices to your children. So why does Shiva wear a tiger skin, why’s lord Ganesh an elephant face, why do we need to light incense…these seemingly innocuous questions made me examine the  importance of ritual thereby strengthening my roots and moreover helping me learn so much about my own culture.
                                                         Pic courtesy- Swati Kumar
8.Makes me love my parents and siblings even more- I acknowledge my insolence and My family being patient with me.Whatever I have today is because of them and  I feel deep gratitude towards my parents as they are the ones who gave me the gift of life, nourished me and nurtured me.I couldn’t have experienced the bliss of motherhood without them (although it’s not that hunky-dory all the time ).
                                                          Pic courtesy- Sumita Roy
9.Helps me get in touch with my innerself- imparting moral values makes me question my own practices, my own contribution towards the betterment of the world. If I want my children to be good citizens of the world, I need to set an example by being one myself. “Charity begins at home”

                                                           Pic courtesy- Suman Suhag
10. Expert advice- This one was suggested by my daughter. For those who don’t get this yet let me get some help from one of my favourite quotes:
I used to draw like Raphael, but it has taken me a whole lifetime to learn to draw like a child.
-          Pablo Picasso                    
The import from the phrase “child is the father of the man” from the famous poem by Wordsworth “My Heart Leaps” (I love this title) has a similar connotation. A lot has been said by management gurus on how thinking like a child can lead to “innovation”, so need I say more. Whenever I am wondering what to do or getting stuck to find a solution or need some grandma level advice I know who to turn to: My Daughter!
                                                  Pic courtesy- Khushboo Phogat Ahlawat

Infact I owe this post to my children who encouraged me to follow my dreams and yet stay at home. Everytime the going gets tough, I remember the smile on my children’s face when they saw my first post and that helps me get on my feet again .


  1. oh and when I come home after a long , tiring day and my son comes running to me leaving all his toys and other distractions behind screaming "Mamma came Mamma here" and that tight hug and the way his face lights up to see his Mom home....it is so pure and it feels soooo good to be wanted by someone so much ....Kids r so pure and innocent and the selfless love they have for us ...nothing in life can replace this joy!!

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