10 Traits of a number 1 person

                                                                Nikola Tesla
Number Ones’ are ruled by Sun- the origin of everything. This number is indivisible and was regarded by Pythagoras as “Godhead”. Number ones’ are those influenced by this number, which includes those born on the 1st, 10th, 19thor 28th of any month.
                                                         Princess Diana
1.These people are born to lead. The person in the gang always deciding for everybody else, she is definitely influenced by 1.

                                                           Bill Gates
2.They love being the centre of attraction and that is a consequence of an inherent sense of self-worth. It makes them the life of every party and imparts a natural magnetism. Remember “Main apni hi favourite hun”, that is so number 1!
                                                     Indira Gandhi
3.Think before you act? That’s so passé. A number 1 loves adventure and is impulsive, living in the moment –that is the mantra of their life.
                                           Dhirubhai Ambani
4.Do you get affected by blunt, caustic remarks? Then you are advised to stay away from people influence by the number 1. All they know is to speak their mind. Tact/diplomacy- these words don’t exist in their dictionary.
                                                   Aishwarya Rai
5.They love themselves and dislike criticism. Any attempt to criticize will be met by a ferocious retaliation.
                                                     Jack Ma
6.The number 1 person will fight against all odds. No wonder they end up in superior positions and are successful professionally.
                                                         Marilyn Monroe
7.If you are dating a number 1 person, then it can be very taxing. These people are demanding, and their dislike for pretence or deceit can lead to unnecessary confrontations.
8.They are workaholics; work sometimes takes priority over everything else.
                                               Elon Musk- Tesla Founder
9.When undergoing a gloomy spell, call or meet someone from this breed. They have a great sense of humour and can perk up the dullest of days; they are like sunshine on drab grey day. The best part is that they don’t mind jokes directed at them either.

                                                             Heidi Klum
10. A No. 1 is the epitome of a “people’s person”. Meeting new people and befriending them comes naturally, and that results in a huge network.

                                                           Sheryl Sandberg
What makes Number Ones’ tick:

Lucky stone- Ruby    
Lucky day- Sunday
Lucky colour- red , orange, yellow, pink
Compatible numbers- 1, 4 & 7
Health – These people may suffer from circulatory disorders.