Airtel 4G!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, guyz and gurlz, if you didn’t already know what else is really as fast as the internet on Airtel India 4G, here it is- the delivery of an Airtel 4G SIM, and that too at your door step.
So own a 4G handset? Simply open your Twitter Account and tweet #GetAirtel4G. No sooner then you’ve done that, you’ll get a reply from @AirtelIndiahandle, which will be a link on clicking which you’ve to enter your details. And that’s it!
So not only has Airtel gotten the first mover advantage by launching 4G services in 296 towns, it has also launched this unique SIM delivery service where you can get a 4G SIM free at your door-step by the simple process described above. So if you have a 4G phone, don’t waste a minute and just tweet #GetAirtel4G to get going.

What’s more- you get free unlimited voice minutes and free music with the monthly data packages on Airtel 4G according to reports. The grand strategy is to make 4G services available across smart devices to include mobile phones, dongles, 4G hotspots and mobile dongles. So all you need to do is get the free 4G SIM as described above. If you’re a lucky Airtel subscriber like me, the switch will take just 10 minutes. For new subscribers it takes a while longer but definitely not more than 4 hours as per reports.
According to the Airtel (India & South Asia) MD & CEO they are committed to offering 4G at 3G prices. Their tariff plans are such that if you’re someone who uses data, it’d be particularly attractive for you to migrate to 4G.
And if you are reading this and feel that you’re missing out on all the fun- you need not worry. Airtel has a tie up with Samsung and Flipkart, so you can get a handset with great offers. Typically, 4G handsets are priced between Rs 7,000 and Rs 47,999.

Just to give you an idea of what 4G is like you can download an entire movie in less than 10 minutes. But then you’ll be bombarded with all this information and more in the upcoming Advertising campaigns in the days to come. So have fun- 4G fun.

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  1. I have 4G for the last 2 months and its pretty useless!


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  5. Its pathetic...its too slow. Not happy.


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