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Garnier skin naturals white complete- Review

This is my first beauty product review on the blog… Back home from a vacation in the hills, I was tanned badly. Not  a customer of fairness cream otherwise, this time was an exception since I had been mistreating my skin for some time and the results were horrifying. I bought home a jar of Garnier skin naturals which claims to be a multi action fairness cream. A sucker for all things natural I was surprised to find out that this contains active natural ingredients especially lemon essence.  Lemon’s astringent and detoxifying qualities perk up even the dullest looking skin and adds luster. This powerful ingredient does wonders. The product also contains a speed white serum which moisturizes the skin while working to make it visibly fairer.

Other than the whitening effect I was happy to find out that this doubles as a sun protector and keeps those UVA & UVB rays from darkening my skin.
So if you’re reeling under the effect of the summer and suffering from its disastrous effect- just go and get this cream right now! I am happy with the gradual fading of my tan and that too within just a week of using it.The #7DayGarnierChallenge is definitely worth taking !

P.s – It’s so affordable only Rs 160 for a 40 g pack.

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