Global Food Factory- Review

Global food factory as the name suggest offers world cuisine under a single roof at the new happening place in town- Rajouri Garden. The interiors- designed to resemble an English Pub- have a variety of seating, from sofas, high chairs, and even an elevated nook. The walls are bare bricked and yet elegant and there is a wood fired oven bang in the middle of the restaurant- won’t you want to sit real close in winters?

Though the joint opened only 8 months ago, they’ve been creating quite a buzz by organising food festivals regularly. However we were in the mood for a la carte. They serve a wide variety of starters and we started off with  the Patiala special teekha samosas were bang on awesome with their desi flavour. For Paneer lovers ,Paneer Pakhtooni Tiranga with its intense  seasoning is a  must have. This made way for Dilli classic dahi ke kebab which just melted in the mouth. The tandoori mushroom bharwan was a bit bland for me and didn’t impress as much as the rest of the fare.I was in the mood for Mexican that night and asked for the Grande burrito.This fat guy was full of yumminess and packed well to avoid any spillover. I was impressed by the scrumptious London doner kebab which is available in both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. The robust wood fired oven that graces the restaurant dishes out a plethora of thin crusted flavourful Pizzas. My Mexican fascination continued with me savouring vegetables in bbq sauce and Mexican rice which was fulfilling in both quality and quantity.

For desserts, we had the Mango mousse which was good enough. Dipping my warm Churros in the chocolate sauce that came as a side, made me realize the fun was over and I had to leave but this one totally befits a revisit.

Global food factory currently hosts the biggest international buffet festival which includes Italian, Oriental and Indian fare starting from 499 ++ PP. If you’re still not impressed with the value preposition the insider tip is: book in advance on weekends and holidays.
PS: The way they present their menu is “zara hat ke” but you’ll have to visit find out for I’m not about to tell.