Gourmet dimsums at Pan Asian .

The on-going Dim sum festival drew me to Pan Asian at Sheraton New Delhi, Saket. A plethora of dim sums featured on the menu are a testament to Chef Vaibhav Bhargava’s creativity. The variety of ingredients used from organic vegetables, bean curd wrapper ,to even Quinoa aroused my interest. Adding more frills to the festival was the method of cooking, these little treasures were poached, steamed, fried and even baked! Not to mention, the abundance of vegetarian options had me very pleased.

The first one to arrive on the table was truffle edamame. Now this one was not only a delight for my taste buds but also a treat for the eyes. The attractive garnishing with carrots cut to resemble little birds made this a work of art.  Intrigued by the hot and sour momos , I was pleasantly surprised to find them filled with the soup of the same name. I loved the way it burst in my mouth with its strong flavours. A word of caution though- eat these using your hand holding them carefully and not using chopsticks lest you perforate them leaking the soup all over the plate. The carrot and bean dim sums were fried and crunchy.

 Accompanying these stuffed delights were six different sauces ranging from the ubiquitous spicy chilli, yuzu ponzu to my favourite the black bean sauce. They also serve a gluten free variety which contains Chinese preserved vegetables wrapped in rice paper. The softness of the rice paper contrasting with the crunch of julienned vegetables is a sensory delight .Organic dim sum featured a version stuffed with – Sweet Potatoes!! For all those health freaks, sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients; they have a low glycemic index and are low in calories too. Did I mention they tasted heavenly too! The exotic seaweed with its Japanese taste was novel and impressed us. It was the quinoa and edamame mash that failed to live up to the high standards, by being just about  OK. I wouldn’t classify it as a dim sum as it was more of a salad, though it came with the flavours intact. The bao or steamed variety had a distinct Thai influence. My own bias towards the aromatic quality of Thai ingredients with its delicate flavours makes me highly recommend this one.

With such a mindboggling array of healthy dim sums this festival is must try, and it’s easy on the pocket as well .So all of you health freaks and dim sum lovers, Go grab a bite or few before the festival ends!

P.s – The dim sum festival lasts till the 31st of this month.

Where- Pan Asian, Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, Saket