Move your Yoga mat please.

I entered my yoga class,rolled out my yoga mat and stepped on to it.Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes, getting in to the zone when I was jarred out of it."Move, this place is reserved",said a voice nearby. I opened my eyes to see a red faced new student rolling up her mat and looking for another place,trying to fit in. Another student, obviously not new, swaggered and stood there...reserved? I was not aware that students could  reserve places in the class!
That got me thinking what does yoga mean to people? A set of postures to be performed and perfected? A tool to lose weight and get a toned body?Is that it? The ancient science of yoga has been reduced to just this? No, I don't think so. I do not claim to know a lot on the subject..far from it! But just as I am sure of this,I am equally sure that there is more to Yoga than a set of asanas/postures to be performed. The asana cannot be the object of yoga. The object is the body and the pose helps us get there.What happens in the process is Yoga. When Yoga takes over what happens is miraculous. We bend, we stretch, we breath deeply and the yoga poses move our bodies to improvement. Our body balance improves along with flexibility. In the process the mind improves too: enhanced concentration, more relaxation, learning the art of relinquishment-letting go. I have benefited a lot from my yoga practise. It has made me more open to changes, I don't fear them but embrace them happily! It has heightened my sense of self awareness and self worth. Losing weight is a tiny benefit when compared to these.
My request to the lady who has a "reserved place" is, dear do move your mat to a newer place. Infact do it as often as possible.If you are so rigid to get stuck to one corner for a class which lasts an hour( your day dear has 24 hours in it!) do you hope to achieve flexibility? Take this 1st step. Move your mat, move it around, every corner, the center, right of it, left of it, behind it...and see the difference it will bring to your practise.

Settled in  Gurgaon for the last 3 years, Sumita is a yoga enthusiast. She firmly believes that each child is a born yogi.Has been practising yoga for the last 5-6 years in Bangalore and Gurgaon . she quit working once her daughter was born. Now she enjoys motherhood along with pursuing hobbies like light music,reading and cooking and of course doing  yoga.


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