Scared of flying? Not when you look at it all in perspective

If you suffer from a fear of flying like I do, you may want to look away now with some of these interesting realities of flying. 

1. These 11 minutes are the most terrifying
It’s important to remember air travel is by far the safest form of travel. Plane crashes are extremely rare. In fact, a person could fly every day for an average of 123,000 years (some weird research says that!) before dying in a plane crash. Having said that, it’s a great idea to stay awake during the first three minutes of takeoff and the last eight minutes before touching down. This is when 80 per cent of plane crashes occur.

2. Turbulence is getting worse
Have you felt that flights are getting bumpier these days? Well it’s not your imagination, they are. By 2050, the amount of turbulence experienced on transatlantic flights could increase by 10-40 per cent. The rise is blamed on increasing levels of carbon dioxide. Well, the good thing is, we won’t live till then! However, till then, always buckle up!

3. Pilots fall asleep at the controls
It’s a long flight so while you’re snoozing away, don’t be surprised to know that the pilots may also be getting some shut-eye themselves. Recently it was found that half of UK pilots have fallen asleep in the cockpit of a commercial liner. Some wake up only to find their co-pilot is dozing too. In India, our pilots have been found to be drunk on several occasions, so cheers to that!

4. Sit within five rows of an exit
Plane crash trends have shown that passengers who sit more than five rows away from an exit have less chance of getting out of a plane during an emergency. It’s a good idea to count the rows between the exit and where you’re seated. So while talking to the pretty face at the check-in counter, do sweet talk and flirt your way to an exit seat! You may live after all!

5. You could have just 90 seconds to escape a burning plane
Forget trying to grab your luggage on the way out of a burning plane. A minute-and-a-half is all it takes for a fire to spread through an aircraft. If you’re really conscious about safety, wear cotton as synthetics are flammable and may melt to your skin. What happens to all the women in India who wear synthetics? Keema?

6. Your plane could be filthy
With the huge number of passengers that travel on planes these days, and the limited time, crew have to clean them before the next group of people board, it’s little wonder they may not be the most hygienic of places. Toilet handles, blankets and armrests are a haven for cold and influenza viruses. After your next long haul flight, fumigate yourself and save your family the viruses!

7. Turbulence hurts
You should know that plane crashes aren’t the leading cause of non-fatal aviation accidents. It’s actually the damn turbulence, and most often hits those who are not buckled in. So next time, don’t be in self-denial when you hear the beautiful hostess asking you to buckle up. Buckle up!

8. Pilots don’t make much money

The pilot who’s holding your life in their hands is likely to be underpaid. That’s especially the case when flying with regional airlines. They’re only paid for their time in the air. So pray that the guy is in a good mood or has an offer in hand from a rival airline! Happy flying!


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