Yolo 21; a cafe to reckon with!

Being a Sunday, the idea to combine a drive and a meal made good sense with family. Headed to GTB Nagar (my first time) and straight to You only live once (Yolo) 21.
Had heard of this place from fellow foodies and friends. They've been in existence for 2 years now. We were greeted by Sukreet Singh, the young enterprising and very welcoming owner of the place! We weren't special and he generally welcomed everyone who walked into the cafe!
Their Oreo shake is pretty well known and so we asked for it and a Mocha Glacier (ice-cream and mocha). Fabulous! Both! Sure shot winner there!

We had two starters. One being the Greek salad, which had greens tossed in olive oil, tomatoes and feta. It was good. No one actually loves the taste of salads but the right ingredients of herbs and flavours is important. They made it well!
I was suggested to try the Chicken Strips with cocktail dip. The chicken was nicely done, with the right softness. The cocktail tip was a mayo base with Tabasco! The combination of the two was pleasurable indeed!
Coming to the mains, we ordered the 11 inch thin crust Cottage Cheese pizza with mozzarella, onions, capsicum and tomatoes. It was a soft blend of all the ingredients. Not bad! The veggies should surely try this!
I am a lasagna fan and so obviously had the Chicken Lasagna. This creamy and soft layered dish came with heaps of tender chicken pieces and white cheesy sauce. I loved it! Highly recommend!
My companion had ordered a Chicken Piri Piri pasta. I had a dig at it. It was ok. Nothing that great. Bland infact. Can be improved for sure.
Lastly, we asked for a Grilled Fish Pomodoro. The fish was Bassa and fresh. The dish comes combined with a portion of rice, mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. A huge portion with 4 big strips of fish! From being famished I was finished! Stuffed by now to the epiglottis! The dish was good!
Nobody leaves Yolo without their signature Banoffee cake/pie! The biscuit crust, toffee and the creamy layer was good but the toffee portion was sweeter than I had expected. So a candid feedback given to the Cafe owner after the meal should be taken care off by tomorrow I guess!
They have an open kitchen concept and hygiene is maintained as you see your stuff being made.
Overall experience:
Food: Great, reasonably priced, visually appealing
Service: Good
Ambience: Nice and simple
Punch factor: 7 on 10
Contributed by Neelav Samrat De


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