Zamooza; a great initiative to completely please the palate!

I chanced upon visiting Zamooza with family recently after I had been looking at reviews of places to visit. I was impressed with their rating of 4.4 from over 300 votes! That’s a big achievement considering how the competition exists in the F&B industry in Delhi NCR!

We were greeted by Mr. Vishesh Bachan Nanda, the person who handles the restaurant. I am impressed with his professionalism and knowledge of food. Having had us seated, we went through the menu. An eclectic taste I must admit. The kitchen boasts of 4 main chefs who handle beautiful crafted items from cuisines belonging to Italy, Turkey, Thailand and one more country. They are from the house of Zuropa,

We started with their signature item, the Litchi Wantons. It was the first time I had something like this. It was unique and I like anything unique. The after taste was similar to what you feel after eating chaat!

While sipping beer, we asked for starters like Grilled fish with chilly parmesan which was accompanied with a garlic aioli dip. It was excellent. The Crispy vegetables for the vegetarians were ok with a south Asian touch.

Nachos with cheese, guacamole and sour cream are made so well here. The cheesiness of the nachos makes it a great starter with drinks. We ordered Chicken Skewers, which came with a super presentation. The chicken was made to perfection with a hint of lemongrass flavour. Really good! The Thai satay, again presented very well, had broccoli, mushrooms and tofu. A similar affair like the chicken skewers with a hint of lemon grass again. Great as well!

The Black Pepper Prawn was garnished with sautéed onions and oregano. The prawns were soft, juicy and flavourful.  The Chicken Quesadilla was superb as well. Very authentic in taste! For the veggies, we asked for Vegetarian Fajita. It came with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. I took a dig into it and the combination of the rice with guacamole and salsa was beautiful!

Moving to the Turkish delights, we had Lamb Kibbeh. The lamb was probably marinated with Turkish spices, because it emanated a very Turkish kind of flavour, which was good, considering, they got it this close to the original kibbeh!

For the main course, we had the pleasure to ask for Chicken Snappe Polo. This Italian affair with a mustard sauce base was awesome. The chicken blended so well with this special sauce. I simply loved it. The Shistouk was made great as well. The chicken was soft and had a beautiful flavour.

Since I am a fish guy, I asked for the Sea Bass Pilpil. This Italian dish was served with a superb presentation. I did not regret I ordered this. The sea bass was fresh and soft. It was served with a portion of mashed potatoes and sauce. The combined taste of the bass and potato with the sauce was simply magnificent. Probably the best I have had! Truly recommended.

For dessert, we had Waffles with Nutella, maple & strawberry syrup and melted butter. And Belgian chocolate. Both were presented very well and tasted even better.  

The overall impression of Zamooza:
Décor: Nice, subtle, simple
Food: Probably the best in town, never liked all items at one go anywhere but here!
Presentation: Superb

Service: Good